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At Denim & jeans Jeanologia promotes a more efficient & competitive Indian textile industry with zero discharge 

Published: June 7, 2022
  • Stimulating sustainability and productivity in the country’s textile industry with Laundry5.Zero, the first eco-efficient plant in the world that guarantees a water saving of 85%, zero discharge and zero pollution.
  • The talk “From fast fashion to accurate fashion” will show the keys to producingwhat sells instead of selling what is produced.
  • Present in India since 2004, more than 80% of garment finishing production in thecountry is done using Jeanologia’s sustainabletechnological production.

India (06-06-2022). Jeanologia, the Spanish company world leaders in developing eco-efficient technologies, will present its Mission Zero at Denim and jeans promoting an Indian textile industry that is more efficient, competitive and with zero discharge.

The company founded on the integrationof disruptive technologies that create new operational model focused on sustainability and digitalization reducing costs and simplifying processes.

Manuj Kanchan,Division Director -CEA at Jeanologia,emphasizesJeanologia’s commitment to the Indian textile industry turning it into one of the most advanced and cleanest on the planet.

Stressing that “together with the country’s textile industry, we want to lead an alliance to meet our MissionZero challenge: to eliminate water use and discharge completely from the global jean production”.

To do so, “it is necessary to adopt new operational models based on disruptive technologies that guarantee production with Zero discharge and stimulate the sector towards total efficiency and productivity with a better cost per garment.”

During Denimandjeans,Jeanologia will show how Laundry5.Zero, the first Jeans finishing plant that guarantees ZERØ pollution, makes itpossible for an Indian textile industry to produces with zero discharge through the integration of its technologies and digitalization, positioning itself as a key player in achieving MissionZero.

Laundry5.Zero efficiently brings togetherlaser, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero, the company’s first water recycling system, achieving a production that is 100% ecological.

The plant guarantees a water saving of 85%, along with zero discharge and zero pollution, without compromising production authenticity. It eliminates processes that are harmful for workers’ health and adapts to the new market needs.It delivers five key benefits to the industry: eco-efficiency, cost neutrality, scalablity, agile and digital (connecting design, production and consumer).

Atitsst and Jeanologia will also be showing its pioneering technology Colorbox, the most sustainable and efficient alternative for dying garments.

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