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Published: February 14, 2022

Adidas, the globally renowned sportswear brand, has announced to establish an extensive new range of sports bras.

The much-awaited sports bra collection, which will officially be launched on 14 February, comprises 43 new styles across 18 product franchises.

Here one must say that if breasts aren’t properly supported during running, the women could undergo potentially damaging skin stretch and that unsupported breasts can move up to 19 cm during star jumps.

Notably, nearly half of schoolgirls who were surveyed, reported that their breasts affected their participation in sports.

Consequently, the German sportswear stalwart has used the latest material and design innovations to offer light, medium, and high support in an extensive and inclusive size range to help female athletes experience sports without restraint.

The collection has been developed in alliance with the breast biomechanics research institute, University of Portsmouth, and has undergone extensive research, development, and various testing stages.

adidas has re-categorized bras into four categories: Every day, Studio, Train, and Run.

While every day is designed for lounging and gentle movement, Studio is for yoga, pilates, and other low-to-mid intensity activities. The train is designed for enhanced support during HIIT classes and more intense sport or training, and Run offers the highest level of breast support in the collection.

adidas was founded in 1924 and is known for apparel, shoes, and fashion accessories. It generated €21.915 billion in 2018.

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