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5 Unique Fashion Styles to Try in 2021

Published: March 20, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Springtime always brings out freshness and newness when it comes to the latest in fashion. Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s been a challenging year for most, but things are looking brighter, and the runways have spoken. If you’re not sure how to add some fab outfits to your wardrobe, keep reading. Our style pros have some great looks to try on for 2021!

Statement-Making Pants

No matter what happens in the world, personal style will never disappear, and the trend-spotters at Vogue say it’s time to get your groove on in the glam trouser department!

Pants that make a statement are so in style, and let’s face it. Leggings and sweats are super-comfy and easy to make a habit of wearing, but get ready to step up your game.

Wide-length trousers are also comfortable and allow plenty of movement. You can find gorgeous styles such as khakis hand-painted with lush, bright, tropical flowers. Pants that offer plenty of room for the legs are on-trend.

Pretty Bohemian Designs

Another gorgeous look in 2021 is bohemian fashion, and what’s not to love?

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Zoe Kravitz, Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins, and Jennifer Aniston are just a few of the fans of this popular, timeless clothing.

The bohemian look often features long, flowing fabrics that enhance the body in a feminine and relaxed way. You can find amazing boho dresses with pretty details such as ruffles, tiers, peasant-style, embellishments, and more.

What many women find attractive about bohemian fashion is the variety in designs and fits and the ability to create a super-personal style with several pieces.

Sweet Pastel Tones

If you’ve been noticing clothing for 2021 in lighter, softer color palettes, you are on to something trending. Pastel tones are all the rage for the neutrality and sophistication these hues can quietly bring to any ensemble.

For example, soft hues like lavender and mint are just two of the standout, sorbet shades for spring. These colors look lovely on all skin tones and are never over-powering. The hues add a stylish freshness to an outfit whether it’s a boilersuit, romper, trenchcoat, etc.

Sky blue, pink, and buttery yellow are also sorbet shades to have fun playing around with during the warmer months of the year.

Versace is in love with sorbet sweet clothing and has included lavender and mint for its Resort 2021 collection.

Sleeves With Volume

Talk about sleeves that make the ultimate fashion statement, voluminous fabric is hot for 2021. Yes, it is a bold new silhouette, but isn’t it time you turned up your style factor?

Designers like Carolina Herrera and Erdem Josias are showing off dresses with fancy sleeves that add another level to personal style.

An exaggerated puff sleeve also exudes a nice bit of romanticism, something we could probably all use more of in 2021.

In a solid color, voluminous sleeves are head-turning, but when paired with a colorful print, the look becomes ultra-dramatic.

One of the easiest ways to try on the trend is with a white, puff sleeve shirt or blouse tucked into jeans.

Minimalist Ribbed Knitwear

Put your sweats away for now, and jump on the knitwear trend. It is super soft, uncomplicated and can create ideal at-home or casual outdoor looks.

Ribbed knitwear is light enough for spring and early summer, and you can score the fabric in a variety of styles, including flare pants and collared cardigan (Proenza Schouler), a striped, off-the-shoulder top and midi skirt with a side-split (Missoni), a cotton knit midi dress (Valentino) or a ribbed lame, knitted skirt (Joseph).

There are also strapless, knit corset tops to consider, or how about a knit bra top?

Remember Katie Holmes in her peekaboo, cozy knit bra and cardi while trying to hail a cab in New York City? It was so chic, and the Khaite brand pieces sold out immediately.

The year 2021 is exciting and statement-making, and one of the simplest ways to define your personality is through your clothing. Now, is the time to take some fashion chances, and try on some of these incredible trends. Your wardrobe will not disappoint.

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