Fashion changes so rapidly that some might not notice how they become trendsetters wearing clothes they like, rather than dictated by style and design. The rapid development of social media has helped tremendously in promoting their views so quickly. Influencers on Tik-Tok and Instagram can instantly change the minds of millions of their followers on any topic, including looks.

This is how we quickly arrive at the idea that football team jerseys are essential sportswear, part of the club identity, and a beautifully replicated element of the fan gear and excellent casual wear.

Kits to use in basic wardrobe

In every league, it’s easy to find monochrome jerseys that fit your wardrobe. In Serie A, for example, you can use any Lazio shirt of your choice: the home one is in perfect sky blue, while the third is in black. Furthermore, the team is in 6th place in the league and has a lot of fans who would be happy to see another one in the family. If you’ll get interested in this or other football clubs from this article, you can use gambling operators, such as Bodog, with a review available here, to make a bet on its performance.

To add some yellow to the mix, you can use Brentford’s (Premier League) away t-shirt, and the same club also brings the beautiful green with a goalkeeper kit. If we stay in the same league, we can acquire the purple from Leeds United third jersey.

A bit of research and analysis, and you’ll find a jersey to go with any outfit in your essential wardrobe.

Wear obscure ones to be special

Sometimes it’s cool to find a kit from the past with an unusual design, but some are rare and expensive, while the copies lack quality. In those days, the extensive selection of strange, obscure, and even wrong design choices from our days comes to help.

If you like old-school style, AS Roma (Serie A) has made this third kit especially for you. It has no big sponsor strip and uses the classic Lupetto (‘little wolf’) logo instead of the club one.

Inter Milan also created something special: their jersey looks like blue snakeskin, and wearing it is much more creative than another generic t-shirt with a print.

Orlando Pirates home jersey is full of skull and crossbones, as their logo does. Ajax’s third kit is a tribute to Bob Marley: the primary color is black, but it has green, yellow, and red stripes on the shoulders and biceps.

Personal favorite: Venezia FC jerseys

In association with Kappa, the Serie A club managed to surprise the football public with its jersey design this season and also went far beyond it. All thanks to the stunningly beautiful kits that the players will wear on the pitch and the club’s photoshoot to present their uniforms.

In contrast to the classic stories, where the players show off their muscularity, the photographer and the girl models used casual looks, in which the jerseys from home and away kits looked appropriate. For the presentation of the fourth kit, mainly done in red with a historic mosaic print, inspired by what can be found in the city of Venice, the club used a photoshoot with a male model in a yacht club. And speaking of the historical heritage: €5 from each kit sold is donated to the American non-profit organization, which dedicates itself to saving the town’s legacy.

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