Amni Virus-Bac Off yarn from Fulgar is used in a new line from an Italian circular knitted textile manufacturer.

After significant study and rigorous laboratory testing, Maglificio Ripa, an Italian circular knitted fabrics manufacturer, has produced a new generation of fabrics created with Fulgar’s Amni Virus-Bac Off yarn that ensures permanent anti-viral action and contamination protection.

The issue of individual protection from viruses and germs will be important to the end of the pandemic in the near future, according to the Cremona-based knitter, in any context, from the workplace to the gym. Viruses can persist on textile surfaces for at least two days, according to studies, says Ripa.

Because of its proton affinity for proteins on the virus structure’s exterior surface, this drug helps to limit the danger of contamination by preventing tissues from becoming a host surface for viruses and bacteria.

Following the international textile methods described in the ISO 18184 standard, an independent laboratory examined the yarn’s antiviral capabilities (standard for the determination of antiviral activity of textile products).

“The technology of the new yarn ensures that the antiviral and antibacterial agent does not migrate onto the skin or into the environment. Unlike garments treated with dyeing finishes that have limited functionality and lose their function with washing, the antiviral and antibacterial properties of the Amni Virus-Bac Off polyamide are, in fact, permanent, which in turn means benefits for garments in that they remain unchanged over time, confirming the sustainability of the process,” a spokesperson for the company said.

The soft and easy-to-clean Amni polyamide fibre is stated to provide freshness and comfort while also contributing to the wearer’s thermal well-being.

The textiles from the special collection, which will be unveiled in the coming days, have all of Ripa’s attributes, including elasticity, softness, freshness, and comfort, and are perfect for sportswear, underwear, athleisure, travelwear, and leisurewear.