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Anti- bacterial finishes( Mosquito repellent)

Published: August 15, 2020


Vector Textiles Inc., a startup company formed by (NCSU) North Carolina State University (NC State) in Raleigh, researchers and aided by an Indigogo crowd funding campaign, is getting ready to launch the Pro-Tex Maternity clothing line.



Current statistics provided by the Zika Foundation affirm that Latin America has experienced the highest number of Zika cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1,700 pregnant women across the United States have tested positive for Zika virus infection.


Mosquito Bite Resistant Maternity Clothing for Zika Virus

How was the researcher protected from the hungry mosquitoes? The answer is by wearing garments made of a sleek, comfortable novel fabric. The mosquito test is part of NC State’s research to develop a highly engineered, comfortable fabric that is mosquito bite resistant to a very high level, but also free of unwanted pesticides.


A multidisciplinary team consisting of entomologists, textile engineers, textile designers, comfort analysts and protection specialists is uniquely positioned for this challenge. The team has been collaborating on the development of a new generation of non-chemical vector protection, and has cultivated relationships with military and industry partners who are rapidly scaling up their technologies to move these critically needed garments to market.

Regular clothing can provide some level of protection, but a mosquito that is looking to feed on blood can easily penetrate. “It would be easy to make a fabric bite proof by just laminating the surface, but then the fabric would lose its breathability and comfort,” said Dr. Emiel DenHartog, associate director, Textile Protection and Comfort Center at NC State’s College of Textiles.


The NC State research team believes there are many markets available for mosquito protection garments, but feel maternity is the highest priority market. Currently, no companies are focusing solely on the production and marketing of mosquito bite resistant clothing for protecting so they are out with these maternity clothes with loose pants and tops for the pregnant ladies.


As part of the collaboration, Dr. Michael Roe and Dr. Charles Apperson raise and maintain colonies of mosquitoes and conduct four tiers of textile testing covering the range from small fabric swatches to whole garments tested in walk-in cages and under real-world field conditions.


The target consumer of the first maternity clothing is between 15 to 49 years of age. The product contain no insecticides and are comfortable for indoor and outdoor wear in hot, humid climates.

There is one more company who are also working on this mosquito repellant apparel is INDIEGOGO who sales active apparel that provides sheer mosquito protection using zero pesticides or insecticides.The first garments will come in two levels of protection, the first being innerwear that can be worn as an undergarment or a base-layer and will include leggings — some under the belly, some over the belly — perfect for comfort while pregnant, as well as fitted tops of different lengths. It can be worn underneath of the regular clothes.


According to me till when I researched about the mosquito repellant fabric many companies are working on it. But the vector textile is the first to target for maternity women’s wear which can protect them from zika virus because of the foam layers fabric used. It would be easy to make a fabric bite proof by just laminating the surface, but then the fabric would lose its breathability and comfort. And I don’t think so it will be more useable after 4-5 wash.

“Exposure to chemical repellants is highly undesirable to large segments of the population, especially pregnant women and children. Economical, accessible and sustainable vector protective clothing that does not use chemicals may be much more appealing for many and would limit the need for repellents to exposed skin,” McCord said. So, it is useful but not for every time.



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