Deepthi Nathala, a Hyderabad-based entrepreneur, has invented Hecoll, a fabric having anti-pollutant and anti-viral qualities, in an effort to provide clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly fabric.
The cloth can be used to make baby wraps, patient robes, biker headgear, masks, and other items.
Nathala, an IIT-Madras Nanotechnology alumnus, intended to create a fabric that protects against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, pollution, and diseases.
Nathala is the founder of Eco-friendly fabric company, which specialises in cotton dupattas and handkerchiefs to protect against pollution and harsh rays from the Sun. She says she wanted to develop an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,. anti-pollution and self-disinfectant cloth that can be used in different ways such as baby wraps, patient gowns, for caregivers and more.
The initial process of fabric creation comprised face masks and headgears, which slowly made the team realise the fabric’s potential of being more useful by being used for baby wraps, patient gowns, for caregivers and more. “The fabric provides 95 per cent protection from pollution, 99 percent from UV rays and kills bacteria and viruses immediately,” Nathala stated.