The onset of organic fashion has changed the way we present ourselves. It has become overly important to keep up with trends not just in the clothing segment but also for skin and hair trends.

To make it easy to keep up,Alphavedic, a one-stop platform for all your organic needs brings authentic natural products closer to people that are paraben and sulfate-free.

It has launched a host of new products such as the unique onion hair oil, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, under-eye cream, face scrub, revitalising and brightening night cream, body lotion, Onion hair shampoo (paraben-free and sulfate-free). These products are available on Flipkart, Amazon and the official web for the convenience of the consumers at a pocket-friendly price.

Speaking on the launch of the products, spokesperson Shrey Jain, Founder of Alphavedic said,

”Alphavedic was born for two reasons:first to bring 100% organic products to the consumers for better skin and hair andsecond is to make customers believe in natural products and the importance of pure ingredients in their daily life.We aim to meet the increasing demand for healthy skin and hair care solutions in the market and try to bring more and more organic products as the rising importance of natural products is expected to grow more in India now.”

Dr. Vivek Mehta, Consultant Face & Hair Cosmetic Doctor & Co-Founder of Alphavedic Corporation, said, “Organic product users have a healthy lifestyle. We could see a strong desire among men and women to retain youthful appearances that have groomed and nurtured the cosmetics industry, worldwide. The perception that organic products are healthier, motivates consumers to add more organic products in their daily routine. Therefore, we introduced Alphavedic products because “organic” comes first and foremost with a “clean label.”

The cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is pure and has unrefined extracts from the fresh coconut milk. It serves as the best-proved moisturiser for all beauty needs. Similarly, the organic onion hair oil is to resolve hair problems and dandruff complaints. 

It is with 15 essential oils including, vitamin E, Amla (gooseberry) and red onion extracts. This oil is also known to accelerate hair growth, reduce greying and breakage. Alphavedic’s under eye cream is a tested product that brightens and smoothens eye contour, reduces pigmentation and dark circles by 80% and wrinkles and fine lines by 28% in four weeks. The face scrub is specially hand-pounded to the right consistency that blends organic dates, almond seeds, wheat germ oil, and kokum butter. Alphavedic revitalizing and brightening night cream is a thing for those with a strict night skincare regime.

This luxurious cream has the purest saffron with a preventive and corrective advanced formula. The aloe vera skin gel made with naturally active aloe vera is the answer to all skin troubles. It is the key to set the Summer season. 

Alphavedic body lotion which supports longlasting dank skin consists of pure Lavender water, which is therapeutic, calming for the skin and rejuvenating.

According to the Alphavedic Corporation studies, the top three revenue-generating product segments in the market are skincare, haircare, and color cosmetics.

Thus, the best way to be contemporary is to choose Alphavedic products which are chemicalfree and highly beneficial for healthy skin,healthy body and it helps to lead a life that suits your needs and be the best-looking every day.