With its latest ltema investment, Aksa Akrilik continues to assist initiatives that create innovative and sustainable technology through the ‘Value for Entrepreneurship’ programme. With the financing, ltema will manufacture woven textiles with conductive characteristics utilising carbon fibre and a business worth of $3 billion. When a result, as the domestic heater fabric age begins in the automobile sector, it is hoped to limit the annual import numbers for seat heaters within the nation at $10 million. The unique new generation technology used by ltema throughout production is also a first in the textile industry.
Aksa Akrilik supports a different innovative start-up company every year within the scope of the ‘Value for Entrepreneurship’ social responsibility project. Every year, 10 million dollars of import will be prevented with the smart fabrics that emit heat produced with new generation technology. The heating textiles find application in the automotive industry as well as in products such as mattresses, blankets, coats and sleeping bags.
İltema, a Turkish company that makes in-car heater textiles, has won two silver medals at the Techxtile Start Up Challenge. The firm aims to keep 10 million dollars worth of annual import for seat heaters in Turkey every year. They hope to raise this figure with the support of Aksa Akrilik, the owner of the country’s largest car manufacturer.