The textile industry is preparing to welcome a brand new product with “Everfresh”, produced in Aksa Akrilik’s R&D center. With its permanent antimicrobial feature, the product will fully meet the hygiene and comfort expectations of consumers.

Aksa Akrilik, an acrylic fiber producer, has added yet another line to its innovative efforts. Developed in the R&D center after extensive research, the product Everfresh will bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz Taş stated that the textile products used in many different fields will stand out with their innovative features, and emphasized that there is no example in the world matching the features and cost-effectiveness of this product.

Everfresh offers a solution to consumers’ hygiene expectations with its permanent antimicrobial properties and stands out by being environment-friendly and contains no harmful chemicals to human health. Thanks to the zinc ion technology and by being trapped inside the product during its production, Everfresh provides strong antimicrobial effects, and prevents harmful bacteria, mold and fungi formation. The fact that zinc ion technology, the active ingredient that gives Everfresh its antimicrobial effect, is contained in the fiber, ensures that the antimicrobial feature is permanent, while not causing damage to the skin during or after use. On the other hand, it is stated that the antimicrobial properties introduced using silver in similar products are more costly, and they have harmful effects on human health and nature.

In addition to the mask that has become compulsory due to the coronavirus pandemic, Everfresh can also be used in clothes such as thermal underwear, socks, jeans, shirts, baby products and active clothing. It is also possible to use in home textile products such as hand-knitted products, pillows and quilt covers, bedding, carpets, blankets and towels.

Permanent antimicrobial property

With its thermal insulation, vapor permeability, air permeability and quick drying properties, Everfresh stands out with its resistance to wear and aging and offers endless washing durability for all products. Even after dozens of washing, the product does not lose its strong antimicrobial properties.

No bad odor on clothes

With its antimicrobial properties, Everfresh technology prevents the bacteria that cause bad odor from arising in clothes. Keeping socks, underwear, thermal underwear, daily clothes and performance products dry, Everfresh eliminates bad odors and makes users feel cleaner and fresher for much longer. Everfresh reduces the need for frequent washing in clothes and supports the use of less water and energy while also extending the product life.

Sets example to the world

General Manager Taş stated that Everfresh has a wide range of usage advantages thanks to its antimicrobial properties, and added that there is no product similar to this new R&D product, which was introduced to the global textile industry, thanks to its usefulness, special features and cost-effectiveness. Taş stated that silver is used in other products with similar features to Everfresh, which results in a higher cost and that the effects of these products on human health and nature were known. Taş underlined that Everfresh’s zinc ion technology not only reduced costs but also made a product suitable for health.

Taş said: “Everfresh is one of the newest members of the Aksa Akrilik family. We aim to change the user habits with the convenience we offer consumers with Everfresh. With its antimicrobial properties, we offer solutions for increased hygiene due to the pandemic. We developed a pioneering product that created its own market as a result of the meticulous efforts of our experienced R&D team. A first with the technology used in its production, Everfresh is getting very positive feedbacks from the industry. We believe that the demand from the market for Everfresh, offering users a comfortable and hygienic experience, will further increase in the coming days.”

Author: rohandinda