Differential pressure tester for medical & respiratory mask testing

Mesdan’s AIR TRONIC is one of the most popular Air Permeability tester on the market. Following the COVID-19 crisis and market demand for medical face mask testing, Mesdan developed a “Medical mask testing kit” according to EN 14683:2019 (Annex C) and ASTM F2100:2019 (point 9.2), for what refers to the differential pressure only, measuring the pressure difference above and below the specimen, used mainly for surgical masks. With the new Kit both fabric and ready-made mask can be tested, the Kit could be either integrated into a new AIR TRONIC or installed onto an existing AIR TRONIC. Two different models of AIR TRONIC are available: a small bench top and a movable standalone unit, with internal silent motor (the PLUS version). Additional unique feature available for AIR TRONIC is the assessment software for the measureing of the “average fabric pore size”.

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