Fashion is an integral part of our lives and, as the fourth largest industry in the world, fashion and textiles were overdue for a shake-up. ReSuit was born out of a need to streamline the second-hand marketplace, help revolutionize the way fashion impacts the environment and encourage consumers to become part of the solution.

ReSuit is a fit-based, peer-to-peer clothing-sharing app that allows users to rent, purchase, or sell to a community of fashion enthusiasts who share their passion for sustainability. Co-founded by fashion industry veteran Nada Shepherd and David Shepherd, himself an accomplished leader in the technology industry, ReSuit connects fashion lovers who want to change the way they consume clothing.

What makes ReSuit different? Like many women, Nada quickly noticed that in the fashion industry,  sizing is completely arbitrary and wildly inconsistent. In response, she created a unique approach that matches customers with ReSuiters most likely to have items that will fit their unique shape. By making the online experience personalized and exclusive, the ReSuit app uses a proprietary AI  algorithm matching people with similar body shapes and measurements, resulting in near-perfect fit apparel regardless of the clothing size label.

With over a decade as a designer, Nada was exposed to a myriad of questionable practices within the industry she loved. From inventory overstock, contributing to massive amounts of waste in our landfills and pollution in our waters, to greenwashing without a sustainable business model behind it, Nada knew that fashion needed to evolve to meet the changing needs of our planet and of consumers.