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National Seed Co-op Set Up To Begin Soon

Published: February 8, 2023

The national seed will be set up soon with the permission of the Union Cooperation Ministry. This will be initiating the process of the national-level and the multi-state level cooperative society. This will act as an apex organization for production, packaging, branding, labeling, storage, marketing and also the distribution of the ace quality seeds all over India.

A few weeks back, the Cabinet had given approval for setting up the central entity for the strategic and potential research work which will be done for the promotion of the indegenious natural seeds via co-operative socities and in the array of sectors. A proposed central level multi-state seed co-operative aims to increase the seed which will be a replacement in order to ensure the role of farmers in quality seed production. The production will be undergoing a number of trials before utlising the network at various levels.

This will also increase the productivity per unit and also the cultivated land in India. This will help in increasing the agriculture production and the procurement, branding, packaging and also selling the same. This ensures the quality of increasing the role of farmers in a variety of production and distribution of certified seed. A multi-state co-operative seed will also be established to look after the system and the conservations of promoting the indegenious natural seeds which will help in the development of the official. Leading bodies such as IFFCO, KRIBHCO, NDDB, NAFED,  and,NCDC  will be coming together to set up a seed sector with a share of Rs.500 crore.

The Ministry has 29 crore members have the access to market largely and communities and marginalized in lower income groups. This will come under the “Sahakkar se Samriddhi Tak”. This will give a direct contribution to the production in India. This constitutes to 15-20% of the efficient management. The farmers, under the society will help in improving the processing, buying and selling the quality of the seeds and also generate the employment in specific sectors. This will boost the rural economy and promote “Make in India: and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” in a big scale.

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