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Agri Ministry To Get New Certification For Organic Cotton And Derivatives

Published: February 7, 2023

The Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is planning to bring a new certification system for the organic cotton and its derivatives. This would be a part of promoting Indian export. The initiatives was taken from the service organizations from the prime minister Modi in order to seek permission/notification  in the “Indian organic cotton and the textile industry.

For this, the Agriculture ministry has set up a committee to have a look into the Issues of the organic certification of the cotton and the derivatives. The committee is also considering the launch of a new certification system which will come under the Agriculture Ministry in the National Accredition Board for Certification Bodies and also the Quality Council of India.

A stake holders meeting will be taking place in New Delhi. The main aim is to find a relevance for a certification system. The textile industry and the cotton mills will be kept in focus. The same will be discussed in brief. Also, the scope of the sectors, feedback collection from private label operators, stakeholders.

As the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Textile Exchange control the majority part of the share market, the Indian market and it provides the raw material is reduced to a large extend. The organic textiles are brought under the Indian standards. The organic textile industry has appealed to the center to defer the implementation of the Indian standard so as to adjust with the new regime on time. The staying order was given by DGFT on December 18th,2014.

The director of DGFT said that an order will be issued on the, “Procedure for Export of certified organic products”

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