As customers are becoming savvier in 2022, they require a more fulfilled shopping experience in both online and offline channels. Click and collect is one of the trending omnichannel models that can improve in-store experience and customer satisfaction. This method allows customers to order a product online and then pick it up in a selected location – usually a local retail store, or even a post office, a locker, or another different retailer store.  This article will explore the advantages of click and collect to fashion retailers and how you can set up this form of omnichannel flow.

What are the advantages of Click and Collect for fashion retailers?

Enhance customer experience

For fashion retailers, the in-store experience is an essential touchpoint with their customers. If you own a boutique, you should provide customers with a quick and convenient pickup process. Click and collect, also known as “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) is one of the best choices.

Many customers like the idea of shopping at their convenience. With the click and collect method, customers can save the shipping cost and enjoy the speed and convenience of receiving the order from a nearby location that they prefer. In addition, this process is easier to guarantee same-day or next-day delivery than other methods. This is the flexibility that enables customers to shop their way, without having to wait for the shipper or queue in store.

Furthermore, click and collect removes the risk and cost of missed deliveries. The process is more reliable and secure than traditional delivery. Customers don’t have to worry if a product is in stock, they can check its availability and buy online, knowing the item will be ready for them at the pickup destination.

Optimize costs

Lower logistics costs

Click & collect helps fashion retailers optimize their delivery network since it is more cost-effective than home delivery. By establishing a number of pickup locations, you won’t have to handle delivery to various individual homes. It requires fewer warehouse resources and saves transportation costs by utilizing existing vehicles to deliver items to a few destinations. In addition, this way reduces your dependence on 3rd parties for delivery.

Decrease return costs

In case a customer wants to return a product, the click and collect method is more convenient than home delivery. While home delivery can take a long time to get the goods reprocessed and refund to customers, click and collect reduces the returning time dramatically. You can apply smart locker click and collect, which allows customers to return the product to the spot quickly if they aren’t happy with it.

Save the cost of opening new stores

A strategy worth considering for click and collect is collaborating with other non-competitive retailers to open your pickup location in their stores. It increases your scale by providing customers with more options of destinations, without having to invest in additional brick and mortar sites.

Reinforce your omnichannel sales:

If customers pick up their order at your store, they can take a quick visit and have a chance to make an impulse purchase. Taking advantage of this opportunity enables you to connect with them and upsell more items. You can organize your shelves to be compelling for customers to explore, as well as have your sales associates ready to offer consultancy if customers need it.

How to become a click and collect fashion retailer

To successfully adopt a click and collect method, fashion merchants need to ensure 2 critical things:

Create a unified shopping experience:

A thorough omnichannel plan is essential to engage with customers and provide them with a seamless experience in both online and in-store shopping. To implement an effective click and collect process, you must unify online and offline stores. This way, you will know instantly if a customer makes an online purchase and the pickup location for your proper order handling. By ensuring customers receive a smooth experience regardless of the channel they use, you can offer more value to them and grow your business.

Use an omnichannel POS system:

To sync both online and offline channels for your fashion boutique, you should invest in an intuitive POS system. The system integrates many functions, such as streamlining the order fulfillment and payment process, while synchronizing your inventory management with your sales performance. The system also centralizes all customer data across different touchpoints, thus providing you with valuable insights to serve your customers better. With this POS system, you can control your click and collect plan more efficiently and win your customers’ hearts.

To wrap up

To stay competitive in the fashion retail industry, you must enable customers to shop as they want. Besides the common shipping options, you should allow them to pick up orders at their convenience, without the burden of delivery cost and waiting time. Click and collect is the exact method you need for your omnichannel strategy. Implementing a POS system will synchronize all channels and provide a smooth customer experience, therefore boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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