INDORE: Apparel and garment prices have risen by 10% in about a week as a result of a sharp rise in yarn prices, making readymade garments more expensive during the holiday season. According to manufacturers, traders, and retailers, clothing prices in various segments have risen by 5-10% as a result of rising yarn prices and increased logistic costs.
“There has been a 10% increase in clothing rates,” said Hansraj Jain, president of the Maharaja Tukojirao Cloth Market Merchants Association.
Aside from raw material costs, skyrocketing fuel prices have made supply chain management expensive, and market rates remain uncertain due to the unpredictability of raw materials and fuel prices.”
“Rates of readymade garments have jumped,” said president Akshay Jain, “but given market sentiment, it is highly improbable to have any impact on festive business.” Everything has become more expensive, including dying, colouration, and transportation.”
Fabrics and clothing ordered from international air markets have skyrocketed in price due to high transportation costs. The sector is predicted to recover this holiday season, but high prices may keep buyers at bay. Southern India, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra are the main markets for Indore-made garments.