A.T.E. to offer diamond finishing technology solutions for fabric finishing from Matchpoint, Germany

Matchpoint Textilmaschinenbau Deutschland GmbH, Germany, is the leading developer and manufacturer of diamond tools for dry finishing of textile fabrics.  These tools can be used for the surface finishing of all kind of fabrics.  Specialised in diamond finishing technologies, Matchpoint has been serving the needs of textile finishing companies since 1984.

Their product – diamondpeach® plus – has been developed specifically for the surface treatment of textile fabrics in order to create sanding/peaching effects. Matchpoint diamond emery paper can be used with different types of peaching machines. Existing sanding machines at mills can be easily upgraded with Matchpoint’s rollers to achieve micro-sanding effects. These upgrades also increase the machine productivity by 30% and more.

For sustainable denim processing Matchpoint has developed DDF – diamond denim finishing®.  DDF is a chemical-free pre-finish process for flat denim fabrics which supports colour-fading and stable soft-touch. The denim fashion industry is very interested in sustainable finishing methods, and Matchpoint’s DDF as the most environment friendly solution is attracting a high degree of interest.

A.T.E. is committed to provide up-to-date sustainable technology solutions to textile mills. A.T.E.’s partnership with Matchpoint is yet another step in this direction.