Expanding its portfolio of carpet machinery, A.T.E. has now partnered with Card-Monroe Corp., (CMC), USA, for sales and marketing of tufting machines in India.

CMC is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA), and has been manufacturing and supplying tufting machines to the global carpet industry for over 35 years, expanding their installed base to 37 countries. CMC manufactures state-of-the-art tufting machines of all types, allowing their customers to choose a machine that meets their exact needs.

CMC’s R&D departmentis focused on constantly improving their machines’ carpet designing capabilities, quality, run-ability, and productivity.A team of qualified service engineers are available worldwide for set-ups and services of new and existing tufting machines. A full-fledged training centre allows customers to learn about the optimal operation and maintenance of CMC tufting machines.

A.T.E. has over 80 years of experience in the Indian textile industry and is a domain expert in the manufacturing of a wide range of textiles, providing end-to-end solutions.A.T.E. is uniquely positioned to support and supply all the equipment needed for carpet manufacturing; right from BCF yarn production line from Truetzschler, carpet yarn heat setting line from Power Heat Set, digital printing from Zimmer, carpet back coating from Yamuna, carpet shearing from XetmaVollenweider, carpet confection lines from Matthys Group, and robotic tufting from EFAB.With this partnership, A.T.E. brings yet another innovative technology to the Indian carpet manufacturing industry, which will help carpet manufacturers gain a competitive edge.