As an interior designer, LAANK creative director Cherin Tan is tasked with turning the carefully drawn plans of her clients into reality. But when it comes to her own home – a 2,000 sq ft walk-up penthouse in Jalan Besar – she throws the design book out the window. Instead, hers is a “no design approach”, where “the look is the result of just piecing together different personalities within a physical space”, says Ms Tan.

She enjoys cooking, gardening and doing pottery, while her husband, Jason Tong, managing director at LAANK, likes music and reading. “But we both love having friends and family around, and having our own personal space”, says Ms Tan.

Even though the penthouse was built in the 1960s and in fairly good condition, Ms Tan chose to gut it and rebuild.Apartment styles like these such as apartments for rent in Philadelphia, PA are truly unique and beautiful.