Obstacles does have different certain names, commonly known as Fear, Phobia, Nightmares, Confusions, doubts and difficulties. We may call it by whatever name we choose to, universal truth remains they are all native to one significant cause “FAILURE”. Once a wise man said, “The best way to cast off our fears is to fight them”. I do not know about this wise man, never met, but I certainly do believe it and said it. Although! In my opinion fight is not always necessary, one only needs to have the courage and right guidance to put down the very fear that hold us back to pursue the route to “SUCCESS”

In the light of my above statement, our current nightmare is the prevailing Coronavirus pandemic. Since past few months we have seen that there is not even a single sector which is not affected by Coronavirus. The pandemic coronavirus has significantly disrupted every sector in India, okay okay across the globe. The world is on the verge of an unprecedented economic catastrophe that will be hard to revive anytime soon. Though the pandemic is still not averted, on the brighter side we are still surviving and found peculiar new ways of working mutually. Isn’t it fun? working and enjoying with family together at a same time, see how much cost cutting or expenses deductions we made. Most importantly our loved ones are safe and breathing. Happy dappy!

Ah! we can hardly ignore education sector as education plays a very significant role while considering it as one of the causative factors affecting to India’s growth. Literacy remained core pillar in economy. Education has been seen as a key to contributing growth in economy and reducing the poverty and promoting equity, fairness and social justice.

Therefore, education sector has been considered to be growth oriented. But there is an ongoing debate regarding the effects of Pandemic coronavirus on education sector and on student’s life.

As a student, I have been to many student-oriented webinars, sessions where students ask questions about the future opportunity in regards to their career, I often find many students are so depressed, dwindling in confidence and spiralling in doubts.

So, let us find out the impact of coronavirus on education and on life of students in India with some possible solutions. Let’s go on this impact finding trip with a binocular.

Due to this pandemic spreading wide like significantly wide and at a fast pace, the government was forced to shut down all the colleges and schools in India which left student in dilemma about when the colleges will open, rescheduling of exams, placements, education loan etc etc. Future is still a question. Though the schools and universities are trying their level best to boost the morale of their students yet the uncertainty of future is haunting students like Annabelle or may be Chandramukhi, whatever, the window of opportunity is both wide open, and short-lived.

“We all believe that whatever happens, happens for good” but is it fully free of consequences?

As a student we are so overwhelmed with all the online classes, exams postponement (like as if we were going to do blunder in our exam but hey, thanks god! We are saved), and being our family, with our dog, our nauseating cousins, pun intended and smiling of course getting pampered by our beloved maa. But mentally we are also feeling little depressed, confused, struggling and dealing with all irritating thoughts of warts-and-all, future life and please I am not going to discuss on relationship stress. So, we may have planned many things or a better future and it may all seem to postponed, ruined or may be burned to ashes but hey there! at the death of every darkness there’s a morning. Yeah ironic, but challenges are part and parcel of life one goes another comes, we deal, we overcome with it in our own ways. So why don’t we Re-design, Re-build and Re-claim our plans, why let that hope in us short-lived, why we let down the people believe in us. It is all still in our hands.

Positive thoughts and Possible solution to our “delusional varying thoughts” and “could be Hi to a brighter future”

I believe, this Pandemic paved us a way to meet our true selves, given us the pause time in this bullet speed running career chasing life or wild goose chasing life to halt and think straight, the road that we were trudging for so long is actually leading to our aim or we need to make a cut or a U-turn.


Who we are?
>What we actually want?
>What we actually desire?
>Are we on the right track?

It gave us the time that we can devote to do what we love most

> to develop more accurate Business Plan
>to mend broken bridges

Now we all have the power of Internet within our budgets and that doorsanchar yantra in our palms. We may use it to our own advantage identifying what all opportunity we can grab, what all skills we can learn and improve and let’s burn with the brightest flame.

Authored by-

Mr. Abhishek Agarwal