The ITM (International Textile Machinery) Exhibition, which is organized every two years, offers economic advantages to the textile industry as well as providing great benefits to its participating companies and visitors in terms of innovative ideas and new collaborations. The ITM Exhibition, which globally demonstrated its success, took a step forward and led the way by opening the Denim Technologies Special Section this year.

Denim, with its comfort and practicality, is one of the indispensable products of wardrobes and receives demands from all segments including youngsters and older people with the uprising trend of sportswear in recent years. Denim that is considered as one of the timeless products of the fashion world, effectuates a considerable economy from manufacturing to retail on this day. The success of the textile companies in Turkey in production and marketing and their proximity to European countries is considered as a geographical advantage. The fact that the ITM exhibitions are organized in Istanbul connecting the east and the west backs up this advantage.

Because of reaching the occupancy limit in all halls of the ITM 2020 Exhibition, the “Denim Technologies Special Section”, which was established for the first time as an additional hall, is making itself ready to welcome denim, fabric and ready-made garment manufacturers. It offers a great occasion for the visitors that the manufacturers will be exhibiting the latest technological innovations in denim production in this specialized hall from the machinery related to the sector to the dyes used in the production.


Turkey, being fourth in the world in denim exports, is among the major players in the global denim market. In Turkey, approximately 350 million meters of denim is produced in a year. Along with denim manufacturing, the export network of our country is also growing significantly. Expanding with value-added products, both producers and retailers are preparing for investment in this sector. Turkey has become a country that creates its own brands and shapes the world’s denim fashion with its designs and technological products.

In terms of both denim fabric and denim clothing exports in 2018, our country was among the most successful countries in the world. Turkey placed in as the fourth most exporting country in the world in both categories, achieving 7 percent share with the export amounting to 338 million dollars in world denim fabric exports, which attains to a total of 4 billion 910 million dollars and accomplishing 4.5 percent share with the export amounting to 2.1 billion dollars in ready-to-wear clothing.

Turkey exported the most amounts of denim fabric particularly to Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, and Bangladesh.