As a school project Sofia Reyes came up with the concept of making fun face shields. “I know some kids are scared of masks, they don’t feel comfortable with regular ones-I’ve been trying fun designs,” Reyes said. Reyes is making covers for her relatives and friends, with the blessing of her parents.


“There can be multiple kinds of designs in them. Like maybe some boys want sporty thingies on them, maybe I can put a baseball or a basketball on the top,” said Reyes. “Or like girls also if they want ponies or things like that. They can be different designs.” 


With this project she wanted to donate to her school, at least to her fellow classmates to wear them for personal use. She has shared with some front-liners to help them to be more comfortable,” said Sofia’s father, Rodolfo Reyes.


“Her goal is to show the other kids that they can still protect themselves without stress. So that’s what she wants to do, so we are really proud of her. She’s doing something that has a social impact. So we are so happy,” said Karen Castro, Sofia’s mother.