The Autumn/ Winter 2022 menswear season confirmed us that trend is timeless. This season we noticed the reinvention of traditional staples as nicely as the evolution of men’s fashion. When it comes to autumn and iciness men’s fashion, tendencies are regularly predictable. But this season was once some thing however predictable with portions from the 80s to the 90s and even an look from the 2000s. The season used to be stuffed with shock after shock as designers brought their personal aptitude to traditional staples whilst pushing many boundaries. Menswear this season was once enjoyable and fashion-forward and in contrast to what we have viewed previously, who is aware of what subsequent season will hold. So to assist you navigate this season’s men’s trend trends, we’ve made a listing of the largest trend developments for 2022.

  1. Chunky Lumpy Sweaters

 Sweaters are lower hinder for Afterlife and time- eschewal, there’s no shock there. They ’re a chief for when the climate starts offevolved to get colder. The factual shock is what feathers of sweaters are in fashion now. Chunky, Lumpy sweaters are in and it looks that the chunkier and lumpier the sweater is the lower elegant it is. The world’s most essential contrivers have reimagined these sweaters in a vary of textures, patterns, structures and indeed cuts. We ’ve determined three Chunky, Lumpy sweaters, that are handy at three exclusive charge points.

 Prada Shetland boat- neck sweater –AUD$

 JWAnderson Banded Patch Pocket Crewneck Jumper –AUD$ 792

UNIQLO Premium Lambswool Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater –AUD$49.90

  1. Also Make it a Vest

 Vests are making a huge comeback in expressions of fashion, whether or not you see them as a staple piece or simply an assessor subcaste. It appears like vests are right then to continue to be as we’re seeing lesser and redundant of them on trend runways and on day-to- day influencers. Sweater vests and sleeveless waistcoats are by way of some distance the most popular, with so numerous accessible in distinct colours, patterns as duly as in a wide variety of unique fabrics. The as soon as humble vest is now painlessly one of the largest downtime/ afterlife trend trends. To help you get beforehand of this season’s trend fashion we ’ve located three vests, that are accessible at three distinct figure points.

 Gucci Pineapple cotton vest – AUD$

 Han Kjobenhavn Black Croc Vest – USD$ 400

Spencer Project Cable Knit Vest – AUD$79.95

  1. Big Shoulders

 The 80’s vogue of exaggerated shoulders has made a comeback in glowing style. With introducers experimenting with how a ways they can push our shoulders out, on the runway we noticed the whole lot from gutter coats to jackets with sharp and edgy shoulders to comically massive shoulder pads. Introducers pair these inflated shoulders with an angular shape alongside with inhumanly synched middles, in a vary of fabric and patterns. Creating proportions that have a little bit of 80s- invested whilst reinventing the style. To seize this reimagined 80’s fashion we ’ve discovered three pieces, that are accessible at three one of a kind rate points.

 Rick Owens Off-White Goliath Tatlin Coat –AUD$

 Dolce & Gabbana houndstooth- check double-breasted coat –AUD$

ASOS DESIGN strength shoulder go well with jacket –AUD$ 100

  1. Go on Safari

 Utility and performance have constantly been section of men’s fashion. There is no advanced menswear piece that embodies each Avail and performance like a safari jacket. This season noticed the comeback of the safari jacket, still no longer as you understand them. From outsized to- pocketed to massive pockets safari jackets dominated trend runways round the globe, as introducers reinvented the traditional menswear piece in a vary of styles, cuts and patterns that make a statement. To help you get organized for your posterior safari, we ’ve observed three safari jackets, that are on hand at three distinct figure points.

 YSL Saharienne jacket in cotton gabardine and linen – AUD

 Polo Ralph Lauren Brown Corduroy Belted Jacket –AUD$ 700

M.J. Bale Flinders Explorer Jacket –AUD$199.00

  1. Double Bone the Coat

 One fashion that continually appears to come lower back into men’s trend no count the season is double bone acclimatizing. This introductory acclimatizing fashion has made a large comeback this season. In the shape of jackets, lengthy and brief size fleeces and indeed blazers. But it does n’t give up there as the traditional fashion is mixed and revamped with a distinguished sandglass figure including a bit of a womanish contact to traditional men’s acclimatizing chief. We ’ve determined three double-breasted portions that are on hand at three one-of-a-kind charge points.

 BOTTEGA VENETA Double-faced hair and mohair fleece – AUD$

 BALMAIN Slim-Fit Abecedarian Hair-Twill Double-Breasted Blazer – Approx. AUD$

Boohooman Reclaimed Double Breasted Faux Fur Surcoat – AUD$62.50

  1. Leather or ‘Pleather’ Everything

Leather and ‘Pleather’ continue to be timeless dresser staples, these staples made but once more some other comeback. This season we noticed the whole lot from draped leather-based trousers to polished leather-based jackets and edgy ultra-long coats and even some lambskin blazers. Full leather-based and even some ‘Pleather’ ensembles comprising of jackets and pants additionally made cohesive appears at the Autumn/Winter ‘22 shows. To assist you get in advance of this trend, we’ve located three leather-based and ‘pleather’ portions that are handy at three extraordinary charge points.

Bottega Veneta belted leather-based trench coat – AUD $5,826

Rick Owens Black Leather Tyrone Pants – AUD $2,400

Jack & Jones Essentials fake leather-based racer jacket in black – AUD $117.00

  1. Also Trim It with Fur

 The 90s feel of shearling and fur trim is generally popular, the fashion is coming again in a ultramodern- day way. This season fur/ faux fur took over AW/ 22 runways. Contrivers appeared at and used long-haired sheepskin and faux- fur especially to replicate the 90s aesthetic. Jackets and fleeces with fur- trim and shearling panels dominated this season’s menswear runways. To help you seize this reimagined 90’s style. We ’ve located three fur/ faux fur neat pieces, that are accessible at three one-of-a-kind figure points.

 YSL Aviator Jacket In Progressed Leather And Shearling – AUD$

 Raf Simons reversible fake fur fleece – AUD$

Jack & Jones Originals fake shearling jacket in brown – AUD$85.50

  1. Baggy Jeans Are n’t Going Anywhere

 The dishevelled jean is formally again after a lengthy hiatus. What was formerly as soon as a 90s and early 2000s chief, the baggy jean has now been dusted off, reinvented and reimagined. We ’ve viewed celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber as nicely as runway contrivers and indeed influencers carry new cultures to the 90s and early 2000s chief. Big, baggy denim is in this yr whether or not it’s nearly ingrained, high-waisted or indeed elegantly draped. There’s no mistaking that we ’re gon na see a lot lesser baggy denims in future. So to help you conduct the 90s and early 2000s, we ’ve observed three dyads of baggy jeans, that are accessible at three exceptional figure points.

 Louis Vuitton Monogram Patchwork Denim Pants – AUD$

 Balenciaga Men’s Large Baggy Trousers In Black – AUD$

G-Star Raw Grip 36 Loose Jeans – AUD$ 220

  1. Clogs

 In current seasons, the clog has been sluggishly stepping into the limelight. Once regarded an “ unattractive” shoe, the clog has been known for its eventuality to seamlessly quintet into each formal and informal vesture. From clogs to mules and numerous different variations of clogs, the shoe has surfaced into the mainstream recently as they ’ve taken centre stage at numerous Afterlife/ Downtime 2022 trend shows. With a vary of trend manufacturers like J W Anderson, Bottega Veneta, Jil Sander and indeed Dolce & Gabbana revamping clogs as the most elegant shoe proper now. To help you put your satisfactory clog forward, we ’ve discovered three dyads of clogs, that are accessible at three exceptional figure points.

 JWAnderson Men’s Chain Loafer Mules – AUD$

 Gucci Logo-Perforated Rubber Clogs – Approx. AUD$ 574

Klogs Joplin SD Black Clogs – AUD$74.95