The initiative of the MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune that has held in the past Conferences, Competitions, Exhibitions and workshops to sensitize the Young Fashion Fraternity to follow and practice Responsible and Ethical Fashion, once again organised the 8th Green Fashion India (GFI) Conference 2021 in Pune.

Held on the sprawling grounds of the SOFT campus the 8th Green Fashion India 2021 Conference from November 25 and 26 2021, showcased reports, artisans, discussions, contests, as well as designers along with amazing sustainable collections as well as twelve Indian crafts stalls. 

The 8th GFI 2021 was the ideal platform where the Indian and international experts and brands discussed the way forward to make sustainable and green fashion a way of life. The many interactive panel discussions and contests ensured that the conference theme “Power of Roots” and further Empower them through “Collaborations and Co-creations” was firmly projected so that designers as well as the many students from Indian fashion institutes, who participated in the 2-day conference, would follow the message of GFI 2021. 

The theme also encouraged opportunities to Revive, Refresh and Regain, with circular economy, design dimensions, Revival of crafts in the forefront. Recycle, upcycle, reuse were the words that encouraged designers to project more slow fashion.

Indian and International fashion stalwarts and experts presented their thoughts and suggestions both on and off line, while parallel sessions like paper presentations, student competitions, artisanal workshops, brain storming sessions, installations, craft Documentary films and the very popular Fashion Quiz kept the tempo of the two days in top gear.

To encourage the crafts, the twelve artisans who displayed their products were honoured at the event, where 15 institutes from all over India and 510 students attended the two-day event.

The highlight of 8th GFI 2021 was the fashion showcase “My Own Way” created by the students and alumni of SOFT that featured collections promoting zero waste, upcycling recycling and use of organic fabrics.

“Fuck O Clock” a colourful street wear line emphasised the use of discarded bed sheets and uniforms. “Guarded Violence” highlighted multi coloured appliqués on used bedsheets, while “Kala Sara” brought into focus Godri craft for boleros, waist coats and jackets.

“Lost in Right Angles” focussed on Daboo work along with pit loom weaving. The “Ouro-Boros” collection created from upcycled school uniforms portrayed the Yin-Yang for various figures. “The Golden Healing” line designed from post-consumer waste incorporated pita work. The alumni of SOFT featured Ninoshka Alvares’ “Past Present and Future” collection, which showcased Shibori for ensembles made with zero waste, while Vishwa Shah’s “Mhysa” displayed khadi and hand-woven fabrics for men, women and kids clothing.