The rich and lavish assortment of Rajasthan’s material practices and their ornamentation offer the absolute most clear photos of its social moorings. Driven by adaptable and manageable eco-accommodating procedures this legacy is a breathtaking festival of customary types of craftsmanship, be it the natural, back-to-nature hand block printing or the secret of bandhej-all determined by the sun, wind, earth and water in the excellent hands of its chippa. It’s a festival of the enormous assortment of its ornamentation heritage…be it the weavings in cotton and silk, in silver and gold or the many-sided applique work.

Presently like never before is it basic that these loved specialties be applauded and safeguarded for any kind of future family, as fossilized things in exhibition halls as well as an inseparable eco-accommodating piece of regular day to day existence.

The fact that you ought to be aware of makes the accompanying 8 materials from Rajasthan:

  • Bandhej
  • Sanganer Hand Block Prints
  • Bagru Hand Block Prints
  • Lehariya
  • Mothara
  • Ajraks
  • Jajam Textiles
  • Kota Doria