73 railway stations in Uttar Pradesh now have “One Station One Product” (OSOP) stores, which are designed to support the “Vocal for Local” agenda and give a market for regional and indigenous goods. Lucknow, May 17 (IANS).

The Railways Ministry’s programme allocates OSOP outlets at railway stations for showing, marketing, and promoting indigenous and local products.

On March 25, the pilot programme for the programme began, and as of now, 73 stations in Uttar Pradesh are serviced by OSOP outlets.

The railway spokesman claims that OSOP is unique to that location and consists of handicrafts such as world-renowned wood carving, chikankari and zari-zardozi work on clothing, spices tea, coffee, and other processed/semi-processed food items/products. indigenous to the region.

Under this programme, products fall under the following categories: handicrafts/artefacts, textiles and handlooms, traditional clothing, locally grown produce (including millet), and processed/semi-processed food.

The idea is to promote locally produced goods at the train station, give visitors a chance to learn about India’s rich heritage, and open up new avenues for marginalised members of society to make money.

At train stations all around Uttar Pradesh, artisans, weavers, craftspeople, self-help organisations, tribal cooperatives, and disadvantaged and poorer elements of society are selling their wares.

In all of Uttar Pradesh, OSOP stands sell a wide range of goods, such as a brass statue of Lord Krishna and a picture frame, carpets, chikan zari-zardozi clothing, agricultural herbal products, jute products, pickles, jams, jelly, and ketchup. rice from Siddharth Nagar and the surrounding villages known as “kala namak,” black ceramics, wooden toys, terracotta artefacts, and goods made from banana fibre.