Since its founding, Shima Seiki, the pioneer of the Whole garment new model flat knitting machine, has contributed to the development of the industry while constantly taking on new challenges and creating things that have never existed before. Founded in 1962 with the aim of fully automating glove knitting machines, we entered the flat knitting machine industry in 1967. In 1981, Shima Seiki released a design system, in 1992 an automatic cutting machine, and in 1995 a WHOLE GARMENT flat knitting machine. Until now, it has been advocating sustainable manufacturing that solves the problems of the apparel and fashion industry and is friendly to both people and the global environment.

A couple months back, Shima Seiki has opened a digital content web service ‘SHIMA Datamall’, which is an online service that allows users to search, browse, and purchase various digital data useful for planning, producing, and selling fashion items. Users of SHIMA SEIKI’s 3D design system ‘SDS-ONE APEX series’, subscription design software ‘APEXFiz’, and flat knitting machine users will improve the efficiency of their operations and further promote the DX of manufacturing to create sustainable products.

The content of SHIMA Datamall is arranged by the SDS-ONE APEX series and APEXFiz, which support overall manufacturing from planning and design to production and sales, along with the yarn data search web service ‘yarn bank’ that allows you to search, browse, and download yarns from around the world.

In addition, anyone, not just SHIMA SEIKI users, can search and browse over 6,000 digital data free of charge. Apparel companies can collect information and plan products for new collections. Furthermore, SHIMA SEIKI users can use the downloaded data as a tool to facilitate communication with suppliers.