Meta Description: Growing competition has paved the way for endless marketing strategies making it challenging to ensure business success in the industry. Follow these promotional tips to take your textile business through the roof in no time.

As the world progresses, the significance of social media and online platforms continues to grow at an increasing rate. Relying on newspaper ads and word of mouth for the growth of one’s business is no longer sufficient. One must explore other promotion techniques to ensure their business stands a chance to stay in the market, if not ahead of it. The textile industry is one such industry that requires a massive social media presence from businesses to connect with customers and market their products. It is primarily because fashion marketing has majorly taken a digital shift in the last few years with the growing reach of celebrities with their followers and an increasing number of social media influencers which allows even the most disconnected people to stay in touch with the ongoing trends and popular brands.

While it may seem that globalization allows opportunities for young businesses to grow and flourish, people often tend to forget that this increased growth of online platforms has also led to a great deal of competition which makes it difficult for businesses to maintain their social media presence and keep their feed exciting and engaging. However, staying on top of your social media game does not have to be as daunting as it seems. Many services like PosterMyWall can help you with social media publishing and scheduling to enable your business to boom. Here are a few more tips to promote your textile-based business on social media.

1.      Hire an SEO Specialist:

Unlike many other techniques, Search Engine Optimization sticks around for the long term. However, it also takes a long time to build; thus, it is best to invest in it from the beginning. An SEO specialist will ensure that all your business web pages are filled with search-optimized content and relevantly tagged, ultimately bringing up the ranking of your business on search engines like Google. This legitimate process supports your business’s reputation, making growth seem authentic and natural.

2. Paid Advertisements:

The culture of advertising has been around for the longest time. The only difference was the platforms on which these advertisements were displayed; what used to be newspapers turned into radios, then televisions, and now into social media. The power of paid advertisements is noteworthy since they can conveniently bring significant traffic to your social media feed and expand your reach.

3. Influencer Marketing:

According to recent statistics, around 90 percent of marketers today have made influencer marketing a part of their promotion techniques. (SocialPubli, 2019) Many textile and fashion industries heavily rely on bloggers and influencers to endorse their products to expand their portfolios’ reach to the growing following of these influencers. Not surprisingly, influencer marketing has proven to be highly effective in bringing positive traffic to businesses since many view influencers as ideals and take endorsements very seriously.

4. Experienced and Skilled Creative Team:

Content is key. It would be best if you emphasized your social media feed to ensure that your feed aligns with your brand. If you are concerned about which platform to select for content creation, PosterMyWall provides you with options to create everything you need to grow your business. Choose from a wide range of templates for your textile business, marketing strategy and make your posts stand out. This process is critical, and if you believe you are not as creatively inclined to manage your posts, you should get together a creative team to take care of your social media presence. From making sure your posts are content relevant to ensuring that your feed is aesthetically pleasing and engaging, your creative team will take care of it all. This team includes many positions, from photographers and editors to social media managers, all of whom will collaborate to present your brand to your viewers in the best way possible.

5.  The Undeniable Superiority of Video Content:

While blog posts and product images on social media serve as an effective way to expand the target audience, it is a proven fact that video content carries significant potential in the world of marketing. Video content is widely popular, and according to, not only 64 percent of customers buy products after finding video content, but around 68 percent of consumers prefer video content over other marketing techniques to learn about new brands and products on the market. In addition, about 1200 percent more shares can be expected from videos than from texts or pictures.

6. Email for Promotion:

While email marketing may seem like a lackluster marketing technique, its effectiveness is difficult to ignore. Since many people check their emails regularly, your business notifications will never go unnoticed, provided the forwarded content is not spam-worthy. It carries valuable, engaging content that is hard to pass by. While this may seem like a tough job, there are platforms like PosterMyWall, which can help you quickly set up email campaigns. Creating an email database might seem like a difficult job. Still, people are very likely to give out their emails with promotional offers such as free shipping and discounts, making this a super convenient way of attracting traffic to your business.

Key Takeaways:

Business promotion planning on social media can seem complicated, but if done right, it can take your business off the roof. Every business and brand is different and therefore requires a unique marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. It is imperative to adhere to some of the tips listed above to ensure that the content curated is never dull and brings as much traffic to the business as possible.