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5 Tips For A Meaningful Wellness Journey.

Published: January 28, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

We often link wellness with health, nutrition, exercise, and weight management. True wellness is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is not about having everything in life but admiring and appreciating all that you have.

To maintain all-round wellness needs consistent effort from your side. It requires inspiration, a positive bent of mind, and patience to help you accomplish your wellness goals. Getting healthy is not a quick job. You get it slowly with time. Here are some simple tips to change your lopsided daily routine and make your wellness journey easier.

1.  Eat A Nutritious Diet

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Dieticians believe that eating the right food at the right time is the trick to staying healthy. Replace oily food with plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables. These are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins. Take the help of a professional nutritionist or a dietician to know the right daily intake of these natural foods.

You can also include a glass of fresh vegetable juice every week or fortnight for complete body detoxification. Eat fish, lean meat, sprouts, salads, boiled food, light sauteed meals, and omega-3 supplements to get optimum nutrition. Replace artificial preservatives and additives with nature-sourced cooking ingredients to give your body the health edge. Explore new-age nutrition guidelines to give your body optimum nourishment.

2.  Go With Herbs

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Nature is profuse with herbal remedies to support our physical and mental wellness. While wellness teas may promote better health, essential oils can provide you pain relief. The natural content in botanical products helps cure chronic skin, lifestyle, and hair problems with no side effects.

Cannabis, also called hemp or marijuana, is a natural source that promotes relaxation from stress and anxiety. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to fight chronic pain, muscular aches, anxiety, and depression: shop CBD oil, topical lotions, edibles to get the best possible relief in your wellness journey. You can also dab what is shatter, a cannabis extract that gives therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Consult a medical practitioner to know about the correct dosage of CBD topicals and vaping products.

3.  Hydrate Your Body With Detox Water

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Give up your diet cola fads to look trendy. Water is a natural and healthy substitute for aerated beverages and keeps your body fresh throughout the day. It is an essential need for your body that supports your kidney, liver, and gut functions. Less water consumption may put undue stress on your kidneys and cause renal problems.

Make it a rule to drink 2 liters of water every day. Start your mornings by drinking warm water or lime water to help you flush out body toxins and give you healthy and glowing skin. Drink detox flavored water like aloe vera water or cucumber water to get flavored hydration. Water is not only for body nourishment; it has a healthy taste as well. More water consumption is an inexpensive way to keeping your body and skin healthy and fit.

4.  Pursue Yoga And Meditation

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Stress is one of the biggest enemies of our overall well-being Yoga and meditation are time-honored aids for therapeutic healing and calm disposition. When done in the confines of your home or a wellness retreat, meditation relaxes your body-mind and improves your focus and concentration skills. Tired and lethargic bodies can get back their agility and movement with yoga asanas.

Spend 20-30 minutes of your mornings doing solo yoga or meditation. You can also join a group session virtually and learn different poses and techniques under a learned teacher’s guidance. Take part in wellness lectures from time to time to widen your understanding of this field.

5.  Be Outdoorsy

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Spending time indoors can ache your muscles and limbs and make your body prone to lifestyle diseases. Lack of sunlight and fresh air builds creates brain fog and hampers positive thinking for self and others. It also reduces your immunity and puts you at an increased risk of chronic diseases and health ailments.

Get your dog to join you for a morning stroll in the nearby park. The brisk walk will help you burn calories, clear your mind, lubricate your joints and let you inhale the fresh air.


Have you sent a thank you note to your neighbor or boss to appreciate their understanding? Have you thought of giving your formal shoes a break for a quiet sojourn to the hills? How many times have you organized your space to less clutter and more freedom? When was the last time you watered your house garden or picked a new plant from the nursery?

Small gestures like these will not only bring you inner happiness and satisfaction, it will give you the practice and wisdom to do something meaningful each day. Work hours are essential, but so is your physical and emotional wellness. Be kind to strangers. Get home a pet. Starting a wellness journey may seem difficult considering your packed schedule. Dedicate an hour each day doing little things that make you happy and fill you with pride.

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