Industry peers acknowledged 3DLOOK’s partnership with Tailored Brands among hundreds of applicants modernizing retail in the digital age

3DLOOK, the global leader in AI-first mobile body scanning solutions, announces receiving the prestigious Digiday Technology Award in ‘Best In-Store Technology’ for successfully implementing its mobile body measuring solution in 330+ Tailored Brands stores and improving the shopping experience for both the retailer’s customers and sales representatives. Digiday, the leading source of the digital media industry, chose 3DLOOK among hundreds of renowned companies revolutionizing the modern world.

Since 2020, 3DLOOK’s mobile body scanning solution has offered an effortless and contactless way for Tailored Brands’ in-store sales associates to instantly obtain accurate measurements, using just the customers’ photos. Initially launched at 100 Tailored Brands stores, the hugely successful partnership has since been expanded to stores across North America, including the flagship Next-Gen store and Moores stores.

Implementing 3DLOOK’s technology has improved the safety, efficiency and convenience of shopping in-store for both customers and sales associates. As stores reopened following the relaxation of strict lockdown measures, it provided an alternative to physical measuring processes and alleviated customer fears while delivering the engaging digital shopping experience that modern consumers desire. Additionally, the anonymized body data collected has provided valuable insight into the shapes and sizes of customers across different states, which will support Tailored Brands in assessing future products and offerings.

“Inspiring and engaging shopping experiences driven by innovative technologies are set to redefine brick and mortar retail,” says Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO of 3DLOOK. “The solution provided great support to Tailored Brands as stores reopened following the lockdowns and will continue to engage and entertain customers well beyond.”

The Digiday Technology Award is added to 3DLOOK’s significant list of achievements. Earlier this year, the company raised $6.5 million in Series A funding, led by Almaz Capital, following the release of YourFit — the first and only solution for apparel shoppers that offers photorealistic virtual try-on functionality combined with highly accurate, data-driven size recommendations.

The company is now developing an out-of-the-box version of its flagship e-commerce solution, which will feature prompt integration with leading e-commerce platforms, enhanced data privacy and a revamped UX based on feedback from thousands of users and numerous brands and retailers. Set for release in early 2022, the enhanced YourFit will help brands and retailers offer a high-end user experience while driving down product returns and boosting conversions.