China home textiles exports stood at $20.324 bn during January-June 2022. Made ups were the most prominent, accounting for $6.174 bn of the total home textiles exports during the period under review. The share of made ups was 30.38 percent. However, made ups exports are seeing downward trend since 2020 when they jumped due to COVID impact.

According to market report, bed products contributed $4.367 bn (21.49 percent) in total home textiles of China during January-June 2022. The exports of other major home textile products were window $2.459 bn (12.10 percent), bathroom & kitchen $1.809 bn (8.9 percent), camping $1.696 bn (8.35 percent), floor $1.2 bn (5.91 percent) and furnishing articles $0.911 bn (4.48 percent).

China’s exports of made ups, however, are registering downtrend since 2020 when home textiles segment across the world saw unprecedented rise in demand. The sales of home textiles soared in 2020 as consumers were stuck in their homes due to COVID-19. The exports of made ups fell to $7.706 bn in January-June 2021 and to $6.174 bn in January-June 2022 from $33.340 bn in the corresponding period of 2020.