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$30 Million Expansion in Rome, Ga. announced by yarn manufacturers

Published: June 19, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
The Georgia economy is going to get a boost owing to a $30 million expansion by a local yarn manufacturer. Integrated Fiber Solutions (or IFS for short) is a family-owned yarn company that produces synthetic BCF yarns. Bulk continuous filament is abbreviated as BCF. This yarn is flexible and long-lasting, and it’s utilised in a variety of industries, including automobile, rug, and carpet production.
IFS wants to invest $30 million in Georgia to expand its activities, a move that will assist the local economy in Rome, where IFS is located. A surge in demand for IFS yarn products prompted the significant growth.
Job opportunities to open in Rome, Georgia.
The expansion of IFS’s activities will result in the creation of an additional 40 employment in and around Floyd County. And, if the demand for IFS goods continues to grow, many more employment might be created in the future—a wonderful opportunity for the North Georgia economy. As a family-owned and run business, we are proud to serve Georgia people, IFS is able to maintain a substantial portion of its income and economic growth within our “peach state,” which is something that few other firms can boast.
IFS: A Closer Look
IFS was established in 1986. The goal of the firm is to satisfy the demands of the carpet, rug, and automobile industries by producing high-quality, low-cost synthetic yarn. IFS employs about 600 people in Georgia’s northern area, including sites in Rome, Lafayette, and Dalton (dubbed “the Carpet Capital of the World”). — Once the aggressive growth is finished over the following several years, that number is expected to rise to around 650 or 700.

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