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13 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop Now and Wear Forever

Published: June 6, 2022

Sustainability and sustainable clothing brands are at the forefront of consumers’s minds these days — especially as we reconsider how everything from the food we consume to the beauty products we put on our skin is made. Fashion is unfortunately one of the biggest contributors to the enormous excess waste in landfills and damaging fossil fuel emissions caused by factory manufacturing over the years, and deserving of a major rethink. Thankfully, there are many sustainable clothing brands that are aiming to reverse the damage being done and create positive change for the future throughout the industry as a whole.

While searching for ways to incorporate more earth-friendly styles into your wardrobe, it is important to consider the materials, production processes, and factories that brands use. With these points in mind, we’ve curated an eco-conscious list featuring some of our favorite sustainable clothing brands to help you buy more mindfully for the future. Whether you are on the hunt for a new handbag, activewear set, or a swimsuit to kick off the summer, look no further than these sustainable brands you can feel good about investing in.

The 13 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop Now and Wear Forever are:

  1. Girlfriend Collective
  2. Outerknown
  3. Allbirds
  4. Mejuri
  5. Mara Hoffman
  6. Autumn Adeigbo
  7. Stella McCartney
  8. JADE Swim
  9. Pīferi
  10. Parade
  11. LEZÉ the Label
  12. Santos by Mónica
  13. WE-AR4

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