Industry 4.0 is all about Artificial intelligence connected through internet, Virtual network. Smart phones already given compulsion to be virtual connected. At Industrial lev- el; Automation, Robots, AI , Data collection already imple- mented to few corporates of India, which is making produc- tion management life more easy, with click of button now industry and business is managed.

AI world invites lot of high speed internet, conjunction free services, uninterrupted data speed, high transmission of information, which is challenge for India today. In India in- ternet is provided by private cable operator, Telecom op- erators, private companies which is having maximum 4G speed and not uniform at times.

Cybercrime, security is major issue we are facing in the in- dustry. Major population is IT information / Knowledge de- ficient, no proper security is given to industry to save data. Smart phone is not smart for security barring few ones.

Waste is the reality, processing of it is the major issue facing in India. Waste technology never considered priority or im- portant in our county as compare to other developed coun- tries When factory become digitized, virtually connected , every waste will be mapped at every stage of production , smart factory will have proper technique to get rid of waste from factory by way of auction and proper timely manage- ment. Metro city where space is less Waste is consuming lot of space, AI plays a very crucial role which results in prop- erly integration of Circular economy value chain.

AI , Industry 4.0 can be applied to everywhere , it starts from our mindset to product, system to factory, and our daily of- fice culture to Family culture. Connecting Virtually through Social media is the AI which is controlling our relationships.

Intelligence can be artificially created but Wisdom to apply that Intelligence is only Human brain can do! Live carefully Industry 4.0 Life and achieve your Vision with AI.

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