Recently GOI announced incentives for Pharma Industry for setting up 4 new parks in different states, to be self-reliant. Simi- larly few years back spinning industry got the incentives which resulted in sudden rise of spinning mills in India with the mindset of taking incentives without any long term proj- ect viability vision and knowledge of the sec- tor. Result after few years, more supply, less demand; Current position of industry Appx. 50% utilization of mills working or diversi- fying or closing units after getting incentive from government.

On Other side, many sustainable natural fi- bers are not given importance for manufac- turing set up in the country. Fibers which have good demand in fashion industry but due to lack of knowledge of technical adaptability industry cant able to invest and produce the yarns. Spinning started from Charkha to Air jet Spinning! Handloom weavers are still us- ing old techniques for spinning to make re- quired innovative yarns. Demand can only generated if consumer get the choice of buy- ing different fibers garments in retail space. Industry can explore this opportunity, target niche market. Few fibers spinning details and process mentioned in this issue.

Manmade spinning is a game of crude / fos- sil fuel oil conversion. One polyester shirt has a 5.5kg carbon footprint, compared to just 2.1kg for a cotton shirt. Select your fibers!!!

Wish you happy and safe festive season.

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