Chemicals are the only survivor for COVID 19, whether used in soap making, disinfectant cleaner, sanitizer, making a mask, etc. We speak about natural, sustainable life but without chemicals its impossible to live and it is an integral part of our life. Chemicals with the medicinal property will give new dimensions to the world.

Dye industry evolved from natural dyes from the plant , vegetable, fruit extracts to the artificial chemical based vat days, acid dyes, etc. Need-based evolution from natural to synthetics due to population rise, limited resources, and lengthy process of extraction in olden days. Again the world wants to move towards natural in the trend of sustainabil- ity and health being a priority. Eg. Ayurveda clothes dyed fabrics or yarn with natural Ayurveda herbs and plants, with limitation of production.

Waterless dyeing, few adopted and still research on this dye technology needs more focus. Gap and few branded denim manufacturers already using waterless dyed clothes.

Finishes having different technology make natural fiber to synthetic feel, touch, and vice versa. A lot of development and innovation, research needs to do in these areas too. Finishes value addition is the winner for India, will have a competitive edge, and only sustainable in the long run. Functional finishes like anti-microbial, anti-virus, anti-fungal will be on high demand in the near future. Functional Textiles and Apparel with Fashion touch will be having more demand in the near future. The fashion industry will change fundamentally, it’s now not only aesthetically appealing but also functionally beneficial clothes will win the runway.

This is a special edition of Dyes and Chemicals with various industry stalwarts and educationist have contributed their views, please have a look and share your feedback with us.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

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