India Incorporation is going to new direction with changing its organization structure to get GDP growth rate in com- fortable position with reduced inflation rate.

Industry Organizations also need to change to survive glob- al competitive world. Textile being a Family owned business from decades , culture of family generation to generation remained same with hierarchy structure ( top to bottom). Leadership structure remained as it was years ahead.

Textile industry immediate change required is Organization Structure. From Line Management to Fractal Organization ( collaborative approach )is necessity to get new ideas, in- novation. We can attract youth to this industry by provid- ing healthy , cool environment where they can think freely , creatively , make their own decisions so they feel like con- nected with the organization. Collaborative approach is ac- ceptable and implemented world over. For optimum skill utilization , Freedom with power is must for today’s bold, fearless, confident youth.

Textile industry is commodity based , works on thin mar- gins and if no innovation, creative approach in product or attitude then its price war game in world , if not won ; qual- ity affect, company image deteriorate and results in coun- try’s entire industry affect.

Textile being highest Employment generation industry but not Highest Revenue generating industry for Government Of India ( GOI). Few segment of industry is Labour Intensive where GOI don’t get Direct tax. Government don’t want to focus on the commodity sector where they can’t get more earnings.

Government will only take textile a priority sector if we self- sustain and not depend on government policy benefits. Though many countries have competitive advantage but still India can fight with right product mix with right price at right market.

We wish you Happy Budgeting Season !

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