The world is moving toward Work from Home (WFM) culture, thanks to Covid 19… WFM gave people the liberty to dress for work in their own way. WFM also leads to increase awareness of Fitness and health. This resulted in the growth of athletic and leisurewear, Sportswear, Nightwear / Sleepwear, Home textile, Medical Textile indus- try. MMF Fibres which is used for stretch quality, water resister, performance wear has increased consumption due to the rise in the application in- dustry.

Production Linked Incentive ( PLI) scheme focus on MMF fabrics/garments and Technical textile will again increase consumption for synthetic fibers. PLI is a production-based incentive that will enhance domestic production and reduce de- pendency on imports. MMF fibers consumption is on rising and growth path due to natural re- sources is diminishes and Man-Made is made by “ Human” which can take control of production. Man-Made Fabrics application is huge as it can be made versatile and applied in various indus- tries like apparel, home, intimate wear, techni- cal textiles various segments. Technical Textile is the niche segment for India in consumption as compared to other advanced countries, where technical textile is part of their culture. Synthetic or Natural fibers both have their own stand in the industry, both give comfort and style in differ- ent ways, application of each fiber matters which makes a whole different world.

We wish the industry to take benefit of PLI scheme, make the country self-reliant, boost the employment of the industry. Wish you a produc- tive year ahead…!