Decade long fights between natural and Synthet- ic / Manmade fibres are still on going and always will be. Natural fibre being more sustainable and safe for environment and human body is always on priority, but as a natural land and resources are depleting , fossil fuel clothing is alternate so- lution mankind discovered.

Conversion from Fruits, Vegetables, Plants, Dairy products, Minerals, rocks, Animals etc are the new discovery for Natural Fibers manufacturer, Making sustainable fibers from these is not only boost to fashion industry but it also give boost to Agriculture and other industries. Fossil Fuels conversion in the different material given more opportunity to man made fibers manufacturer making fibers at cheaper rate with more value added variety . Elastic Fibers need more research and development.

Polyester, being one of the important versatile fiber and its applications has made it a wonder fi- bre. Although it is known that we cannot depend forever on fossil fuels for its production, it has become an indispensable in our daily lives. The controversy over polyester being sustainable as a textile materials remains debatable. Research and Development has given the world innovative textiles from new manmade fibres. The list is ex- panding with emerging new entrants in the tex- tile Industry. Polyester continues to add value….

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