Industry Down! Economy Down! We are hearing these words from many industries. What this means? Whether; production down, No market, No Purchasing Power, Global crisis, High Cost of living, increased rate of interest, increased Saving cost, increased tax liability, Govt. policy or any other. What is solution?

India has too much dependence on Developed market like USA? USA quota system demolished / USA shift buying pattern to other Asian countries lead to few garment export houses shut, few moved to  purely domestic market with own domestic brands. US- CHINA Trade War, Indian cotton spinning industry feeling helpless! Domestic market had tremendous pressure to accept access production from industry, but domestic consumption is also less against the flow of supply. Other Developing / under developed market exploration may bring solution for the time to come with payment security measures.

Implementing GST in system is fairly appreciated by traders / industry community but non-refund of GST made industry’s life miserable!

Any Industry runs by Visionary people and attractive policy for investment. Policy has made for industry and much investment floated in value chain segments to get the benefits but this has been back fire to the industry with excess supply with limited demand in export / domestic. Is there any system, we can develop in which we calculate number of production units in India and production output / productivity? Can Ministry develop “ Entry Barrier “ Scheme with stringent norms to enter to the industry, which will make industry worthwhile to invest and investor also have long term vision and can control demand – supply ratio.

Current union budget industry got 30% reduced budget compared to last year. This shows the focus of Textile industry in the budget by Central Ministry across benefits offered to other segments. Associations / Councils / Confederation need to play major role for the interest of the industry and take major steps to revive industry.

Wish you become spiritually inclined in this challenging time!

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