Human beings are called as a “Resource” in the com- mercial world. Every resource has its own properties that benefits the universe. Humans have the learning ability, understanding, intellect to understand situa- tion and apply in commercial world with their skills, which is utilized during the employment stage of life, which will benefit to make the world a better place. Resources can be for the creation of an Organization or it can be utilized by already existing Organizations. The first face of the is commodity based and creative industry. Humans created many organizations but for maintaining them, again need humans. Automation in the systems and processes has reduced human intervention in many industries. The Textiles and Ap- parel industry is the highest employment generating industry. The processes of industry still need human intervention. The manufacturing segment in the In- dustry contributes to the Economy. Manufacturing involves the use of the latest technology, textile sub segments like natural fibers need more human, less automation; Synthetic fibers need more automation and less human intervention. To process chemicals the spinning industry needs more Automation less human to process fibers. So also, weaving involves both human and automation with equal importance. More automation is required to process fabrics; gar- menting involves more Human and less automa- tion; for ancillary industries like chemical and others, more automation is needed. The second face of the Industry is the Technical based human intervention which involves Research and Development, Innova- tion and intelligence to develop new material/tech- nology with available resources, where major human resources are needed.

Third Face is the Technology change. The current Pandemic has changed the entire world. Human in- volvement, cost of Human Resources is a major issue for many organizations, as technology has replaced human in many operations. TVC October 2020 is- sue is focusing on HR trends, gap analysis and more. Hope it will be an eye opener to many. Human re- sources must be ready to gear up for “New Normal”world!!!

Wish you all Happy Diwali …!

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