Cotton, a natural fibre, farmer’s white gold ! The wonder of a blooming flower that gives rise to a fruit, that matures to burst open to a fluffy ball of seed hair, Cotton fibres!. Truly one of Nature’s wonders !!! Such is the quality of fibres, that can be spun into yarns, woven or knitted to fabric to clothe mankind in all seasons! Evolution of human clothing itself is quite inspiring. From Tree leaves to animal skins, to spun, woven to stitched garments. Discovery of fibres from plants like cotton has played an important role in the evolution of cotton textiles. Probably, Cotton was the first fibre made from plants, so it is used as a generic name for any fibre. Cotton, a commodity, a fibre, a flower, a fruit, a cloth, a garment, feed for animals … one name with many benefits.

India’s geographical location and climatic conditions are the important reasons why agriculture is a major occupation in this country. Cotton cultivation is a major occupation. India remains a significant producer and exporter of Cotton. The journey of cotton as a fibre, started in India from the han- dloom sector. Cotton spinning started with Charkha, popu- larised during the Swadeshi Movement. Hand spun cotton to handloom technology. Advances in spinning cotton with technology in each stage like picking, sorting, ginning, spin- ning led to a fruitful journey. Quality, cost and yield of cot- ton grown by different countries the world over is subject of research. Long staple Cotton fibre will give the highest good quality Cotton and has better spin-ability. India lacks suffi- cient long staple fibre production due to the non-availability of seeds. India produces Cotton of staple length around 28-29 mm length of cotton, while many advanced countries of the world produce 30 mm to 35 mm cotton. Indian cotton of 30 mm quality is branded “Kasturi Cotton” which caters to only 5% of the production.

Naturally coloured Cotton is quite exciting and is in trend; as it will be purely in its organic form, no dyes and chemicals are used for colouration. The World is moving towards sus- tainability, vegan, saving of planet movement. There is grow- ing awareness of harmful substances created by humans that are affecting the planet. World is moving from where it start- ed from the root to advances and back to the root. Organic to Organic Journey ! Organic Coloured Cotton has a lot of potential, Industry can explore opportunities in furthering research and develop new products! Indian enterprises have a great chance to fill in void Indian Cotton business sectors!!

We wish you Cool Summers !!!