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Protection, Hygiene And Comfort With N9 World Technologies.

Published: December 29, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

Interview with Mr. Vikram Rao, Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan and Mr. Manish Khambe

  • Tell us about N9 World Technologies Pvt Ltd. What is the core business of your company?

Mr. Vikram Rao

Vikram Rao: N9WTPL is an innovative specialty materials company committed to offering unique patented next-generation technologies in the hygiene, comfort and wellness space. Our products offer differentiated value and cost-effective sustainable solutions to our customers and consumer brands. We operate in segments like Textiles, Plastics, Paper, Laminates and Coatings.

Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan

Ganesh Srinivasan: We take great pride in the fact that we are a home-grown technology company with a global footprint and have been following the principles of Atmanirbhar Bharat right from our inception. We create technologies in India, often in collaboration with esteemed research institutes like IITs and market them across the globe.

  • How is your technology different from the other products available in the market?

Ganesh Srinivasan: It may appear to be similar in terms of performance benefits but the underlying chemistry in our technology is far more robust in terms of performance, safety and sustainability when compared to anything else available in the market. Unlike other technologies, we do not compromise on safety or sustainability to keep the costs low. The value benefits we offer, when communicated clearly will help our industry partners differentiate themselves and stand out in the market.

  • What made you extend your offerings beyond the textile industry?

Vikram Rao: We are committed to keeping our customers safe and as a first step we launched VIROBAN anti-viral finish for textiles. With that in place we decided to leverage our technical expertise to create protective technologies for other touch points. While textiles have been a major focus for us and would continue to do so, we will also be creating and marketing protective and functional technologies for diverse industries.

  • How will your anti-microbial / anti-viral innovations benefit the Indian Industry, especially in the wake of the pandemic?

Ganesh Srinivasan: Companies across the world are creating products that can offer a certain degree of protection to the consumer from viruses and bacteria; especially viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2. But consumers are confused about choosing the right kind of product. With our DSIR approved R&D facilities and EPA registered manufacturing facilities we bring a certain reliability and trustworthiness. Our technology helps manufacturers to build anti-viral functionality in addition to providing hygiene without affecting the base properties of the treated article whether textiles or other surfaces. Domestic brands and manufacturers can use this technology to provide extended safety to their consumers without compromising on the finish quality and sustainability goals.

  • What is your marketing and promotional strategy in India? What kind of technical, marketing and supply chain support will be provided to the customers?

Mr. Manish Khambe

Manish Khambe: N9 World Technologies sets the standard for service and reliability in the Indian antimicrobial industry. Critical part of our strategy is to partner with the Major brands and Coating Manufacturers and get this technology adopted in their products selling in the Indian markets.

We have a strong Business Development team and we are in very close contact with our customers and are very easily reachable. All the SOPs with respect to the application are clearly shared with the manufacturers to achieve consistent results. Test methods are clearly communicated. Marketing support in terms of ingredient branding, co-branding, claims, social media, etc are discussed at the very beginning of the program so that there is complete clarity with all the stake holders. Our products are manufactured at our Bangalore plant and distributed through our strong network of Channel Partners in different regions so that the required products are made available immediately to the customers.

  • How are your products going to benefit the Indian Coatings Industry?

Ganesh Srinivasan: The coatings industry is currently undergoing a transformation. The industry as a whole is moving towards providing value added products to consumers through new functionalities. We have already seen this change in the textile industry a few years back and N9WTPL has been at the forefront of that transformation.

Now we intend to leverage our expertise and technical knowhow to aid the coatings industry successfully undergo this evolution. Right now, we are providing anti-bacterial and anti-viral technologies. But we also have capabilities to add various other functional benefits like temperature management, etc. to the offerings of the coatings industry.

  • What is the relevance of this technology to the end consumer? Please elaborate.

Vikram Rao: Now more than ever, health and safety is a top priority for consumers resulting in an increased interest for anti-viral treatments for various surfaces. Anti-viral coated surfaces help in protecting the consumer from infectious microbes. Thus, our technology will be a key element for preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria through touch points and  surfaces.

  • What are the clear claims that can be done on treated articles to be marketed in India and abroad related to antimicrobials?

Manish Khambe: The claims that can be made and cannot be made are very clearly defined and they differ from market to market. For example, in markets like India – claims like anti-bacterial or anti-microbial finish can be made based on the use of proper test protocols.

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