Gujarat been competitive investment hub by Rimtex

Published: December 24, 2017

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Gaurav Parmar MD of Rimtex Industry

Q: What inspired you to start the company in this segment?

Rimtex has been in textile from more than 26 years and it’s started by my Father and my Elder Brother. Basically we are from engineering background since 80 years. Our Prime focus is on Textile Machinery as we are dealing with different components in textile.

Q: Do you focus on another accessory apart from machinery?

Yes, we do focus and we have more than 6 products in accessories. We also own a representative company named Radius which helps us to represent our product overseas and establishing a brand as well.

Q: What is your focus area as far as export is concern?

You can find our presence in every textile manufacturing country. So it’s good to say that our focus is across the globe.

Textile is very dimensional around the world. Every nation has its own specialty. There have been ups and downs in global market as far as textile is concern.

Q: What all the challenges you have faced these years?

Entrepreneurship itself is a challenge. So every day comes up with a new challenge and exploration.

Especially in export market it’s been convincing that Indian product is comparable to European quality. Earlier it’s been challenge but with hard work and quality edge, people started recognizing us and it has given a brand image to our product internationally.

Q: What motivated you to focus on Textile Machinery?

Gujarat is the Textile Manchester of India. By 90’s emergence of textile Mills in Gujarat increased drastically, which encouraged us to be a part of Textile Industry. Our base is in Surendernagar and it is an engineering hub. Now it is being recognized as a textile machinery manufacturing unit.

Q: What is the Unique Selling Point of your Product?

We invent, innovate and create new things as per our customer requirement. Our every product has different dimension and innovation. We also provide substitute for imported machines by maintaining consistency in quality. We believe in quality and good product.

Q: What is your focus towards product innovation?

Our innovated product is our strength and we do possess our own R&D centre where we invent new products. We also work with lots of textile Mills as well. Our R&D is located at our manufacturing unit in Surendernagar.

Q: Do you have any take on future scenario of Textile Machinery in India?

Yes, Textile Machinery in India is booming day by day and coming up to the International standards slowly and gradually. Our country has staste of the art mills for Spinning & Weaving. Hence, we can produce world class products in India itself.

Q: What are your future plans?

Be on Apex in Textile Industry and come up with new ideas and innovation in our product. Maintain our position in market.

Q: What is your review towards Gujarat Textile Policy?

Hats off! The Policy brought large number of investors in Gujarat. Counting arise day by day and generates huge employment opportunity in Textile Sector of Gujarat.

Q: In this segment what is your next future technology?

We are keeping a pace as per the changes in spinning and weaving segment. We are more into customer satisfaction so as per their requirements, we upgrade and innovate. We believe to introduce the finest and quality product in the market at a reasonable price.

Q: What was your review about ITMACH 2017?

It’s been really good experience in Gujarat. We are satisfied and the visitors would have also been impressed.

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