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Understanding The Customer Requirements Key In Yarn Carriers

Published: September 16, 2019

Ahmedabad based Moksha Technoplastics is one of the leaders in the yarn carrier players in India.   Moksha has the most modern Injection Moulding plant – spread over 30 Thousand Ft. area having its own in-house tool-room and latest mould manufacturing facilities. The recent expansion of its manufacturing facilities is just completed. The company has also started focussing strategically in the neighborhood markets too.

“To achieve top performance it is very important to know the requirements of the downstream processes to optimize and design these bobbins accordingly. The result is a variety of bobbin formats and tailor-made solutions for yarn and package dyeing machines. We use a common philosophy as these tools enable the customer to produce valuable products.”, said Rajev Shah, MD, Moksha Thermoplastics.

“Ours is a design company. Rather than manufacturing yarn carriers, we try to understand from the customers their need. As per the drawing prescribed by the manufacturer, we interact with the customers we develop a solution that will cater to their storage needs. Within the same drawing of the manufacturer, we add the customers’ input, customize them accordingly.”, he further added.

Moksha has a wide variety of spinning yarn carriers where the sizes range from 150 mm and it goes up to 500 mm or at times 600 mm.

Rajeev said, “The industry started with 2mm thickness for the ring tube if we are speaking. Then the auto doffing machines have been introduced, widely in India especially. And as per the specifications of the manufacturer, we used to provide the thickness like 3 mm, 3.5mm as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. There we don’t do any changes. We go as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. These days we have been introduced with slim line series of the tubes. The specialty of those tubes is very thin, catering to more yarn content and energy saving.”

Speaking on the uniqueness of his solution, he said, “ Our product is different than in a way we select specialty material, and as I told you we design, the tubes and we select specific raw materials to balance the load, which is asserted on the tube.”

Expansion plans:

Speaking on the expansion plans, he said, “As we see the market situations are very skeptical. However, we had come up with all the ranges of major machinery companies in India. We are always open to developing new products, depending upon the market demand.” Moksha is further strengthening its focus on modernization these days. By adopting the latest technology and trends, the company is replacing their old machines with the latest technology of whatever available in the market for injection molding. Focus is also put on automation in the plant to get the repeatability of the product.

Currently, Moksha has 40% revenue coming from their exports to key markets in Asia like Bangladesh, Indonesia and more.

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