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Twin Birds To Expand Across India Through Online Offline Mode

Published: April 22, 2020

Tirupur-based garment exporter Network Clothing Company, which was then completing close to half a century in the business, decided to launch their own exclusive women’s wear brand. They decided to manufacture high quality daily wear garments to suit the Indian woman.

Twin Birds answers the growing aspirations and expectations of Indian girls and women. The brand which started with the basic legging category for women has now diversified into clothes for girls and other products including t-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, bermudas, Palazzo, harem pants, scarves, shawls, activewear and nightwear. P Prakash who heads Sales and Marketing of Network Clothing company speaks on the brand and its plans ahead.

What made you create your own brand rather than just a manufacturer?

Twin birds is part of Network Clothing Company, which is completing close to half a century in the business of manufacturing garments to several leading brands across the globe. Owing to the expertise and the opportunity that we saw in the Indian market growing led us to venture into it. With the vision and strategy of our Managing director, around 8 years back a team immediately got working on creating a new refreshed logo for the brand and started the survey in various cities across India.

What are the major milestones of the company?

We have now become a trendsetter and leader in the legging category. ‘Twin Birds’ leggings brand proud to have the respect of several million satisfied customers across the country and abroad. The legging collection comes with the highest quality of super soft cotton elastane fabric, finished with broad elastic waist-band and in as many sizes. The brand has not less than 100 colours available throughout the season on never out of stock basis in our huge warehousing facility. No wonder we advertise with a tag line ‘Colours you need; Fit you want’.

The decision to set up an exclusive ‘Twin Birds Brand Store’ was a turning point in the brand’s journey. This business model allowed us to showcase our entire range of products and make it accessible for our target audience, aspiring and fashionable Indian girls and women.

What are the challenges you had faced while creating a brand and how did you overcome the same?

As we see the opportunities, there are as many challenges as well, starting from understanding the real need of the market, giving the right product, strategy in pricing, making people aware of the brand, we worked in several areas to understand the market.

Believed in our strength, gave the right product with consistent quality that led to the satisfied customers coming back for it. We see that quality and service along with the perseverance of our team played a significant role in overcoming the challenges.

What are the ways, women’s wear is evolving every day and what type of fashion is likely to come in the coming days?

Twin Birds believes that fast fashion changes are a challenge but one that comes with opportunities. In the fashion retail business, learning never stops. Customers are constantly looking for new trends and styles. However, since we have a strong manufacturing base in the knitted hosiery garment sector, we see this scenario as an opportunity to position our brand successfully in the fashion space.

You are present market in most of South India. How are you planning to expand in the coming days?

The brand already has a strong presence in the Southern states now aims to broaden its horizons pan-India. We have taken up both online and offline models of operations, in which we will continue to be aggressive in both Multi branded outlets and own outlets as well. The patronage of our supply chain partners and overwhelming response from customers is also encouraging us to move in this direction.

Please explain in brief, your manufacturing units and what are your expansion plans?

Going forward, we will be focusing our strategies on sourcing, sales, and marketing. Manufacturing is our key strength which is already on the regular update of the technical and the know-how skills.


B Swaminathan ([email protected])

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