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Soorty Launches Capsule Collection

Published: February 8, 2023

The supply chain partners along with Soorty has integrated a Denim brand in Pakistan’s largest vertical integrated denim companies put together. A new Denim Collection has been launched with the name ‘Design for Circularity’.

This is a capsule collection which will have a collection of eight denim pieces which was soft launched at Soorty’s event recently. The launch took place at Soorty’s recent showroom event at Kingspin in the early days of January. The event was in collaboration with The Lycr Co, Lenzing, Marmanra Hemp and Jeanologia. The collections have a high value in designing and also emphasizes Soorty’s commitment to making quality clothing while bringing awareness to the environment, society, fashion production and the consumption .

Soorty will be emphasizing on the key to consiosuly made denim in an holistic approach from scratch (fiber to finish). This is the vertical capability to enable the producer to offer sustainability throughout the stages of the production process.  The main idea behind this is to join with Lenzing, The Lycra Co, Marmamra Hemp, Jeanologia and a capsule collection with the recycled cotton which is produced at the Soorty’s state-of-art-facility and the laundry & finish which is conducted by Jeanologia technologies.

This is focused on the laundry and the fishing and the small scale production. This will be the key highlights of the point production in order to circulate and sustain the work collectively and producing the same responsibly.

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