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Technical Textile by International Caliber

Published: June 3, 2013

Mr. Rajesh Gawade, Director of International Caliber and representative of Klieverik,The Netherlands company

TVC : How do we create a strong scientific facility for technical textiles? What is your suggestion for creation of a strong Research facility/ facilities.

RG :  In India there are few key customers specialized in technical textiles. Few SMESs gaining knowledge of technology & product know how, growing towards potential of Technical textile market. Strong research facility need by Government along with private players/ leaders in Technical textile manufacturing. Research facility should have competent machinery, skilled, knowledgeable staff. Technical textiles have tremendous potential in local and international market. Though today we import many technical textile products from China.

TVC : Do you recommend a separate degree course for Technical Textiles, where preliminary knowledge of the particular field would be imparted?

RG :   There are well known colleges in India who can start special technical textile degree along with the conventional textile course, surely it makes life easier for technical textile  manufacturer also.

TVC : What about the availability of skilled workers in current situation.

RG :  Availability of skilled workforce is big challenge in this industry. Though if we properly guide and educate current degree holders of textile, they will be fruitful for future growth of industry.

TVC : What about statutory support? For example, should it not be compulsory to use fire- retardant fabrics in cinema theatres?

RG :  fire retardant fabric is one example, but Government can also make policy for other areas also where few products are compulsory to use in particular situation. This will increase the usage and market size of that product and Indian technical textile will grow in tremendous height.

TVC : What about standardization of products? What about enforcement of stipulated standards?

RG : Standardized Certified products having more value in international market. So surely we should opt for same with consultation team of  Consultants, Lab, Industry leaders & professionals.

TVC : What kind of assistance from Government do you expect for Technical textile?

RG : Government should form a team. Many Entrepreneurs are diversifying business looking at potential growth of technical textiles. New comers in industry expect subsidy, Technical support, International JV, infrastructure, many more.

TVC : As technical textiles are still at nascent stage in India even from the point of usage. How will you like to promote enhanced usage of technical textile.

RG  : Marketing communication is needed for same. Today world is so fast with click of button or in fingertip need all information.  As Indian adopting quickly new technology.

TVC : Nin recent times, many industries prefer textiles as compare to metal or any other elements, what is reason behind it.

RG : In industry like Automobiles, due to weight and cost textiles is better than any metal. Indian manufacturing of same is will be cost effective due to delivery and price.



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