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Liva fabric with co branding entering into Retail Market

Published: February 21, 2020

Exclusive Interaction with Mr. Manohar Samuel, President; Grasim Industries Limited – Birla Cellulose

Liva Fabrics

Liva was always launched as a fabric because it is consumer facing brand and the consumer relates to the garments brand as much as the fabric which has made it, so if you see the consumer does not relate much to the fibre , that is why Liva the fabric was launched and it had our Birla Cellulose fibre as an ingredient. We were always launching Liva as fabric only but today what we are doing is we are going deeper into our tagline to say natural, fluid fashion and the consumer finds facing brand like Liva we need to go deeper and share with them the reason to believe why is it fluid, why is it natural and what account and what work we do to make it fashionable because our tagline is natural, fluid, fashion.

Fluidity is something you work heavily on as a fashion team because that need to Liva as a fabric, flows, dress you can call it in that language but fluidity is more of an emotional connect with the also stands for effortlessness, dynamism, deep flowing nature, moving on. That’s how we work on the fluidity part.

Natural part we have Liva Eco launched about a year back, just to really share about the sustainability, co-efficient of Liva fabric, and its 5-6 benefits to the consumer, that’s the rework we have taken on the natural part. Sustainability is quite an important aspect for the globe today. Fashion and clothing industry has a role to play in 2 ways. Team has rolled up the whole more sustainable manufacturing process. In Viscose we have a packet of benefits, because when you tell a consumer that we make fibre from wood, they would wonder whether we are giving the rights to forest or social forestry. Liva Eco has 100% FSC certified fibre. And all of Birla cellulose 100 percent of our produce are certified by either FCEP or FSI. In Liva eco it is only FSC because that is treated that of gold standard by brand, so the  fact is that every product is certified and this is FSC alone others we have FSC FSi PFC all blended together.  None of it for us is non certified so we are already up there for sustainability. Liva Eco is about the manufacturing process and we are working on the close loop manufacturing system, so we are having a clear roadmap for EU backed – respect available technology of EU. For Liva Eco water consumption is the lowest, it creates less than 20 cubic meters for a ton of fibre , if you see the global websites they say that 200 cubic meters per ton of fibre, and the norms are so high. Water which is an important element for any country and more for in India Liva Eco has the lowest. Then for another manufacturing aspect the close loop is over which we are working on and water what we have shared. And the third one is speak index we have a facility of speak/heat index called for 350. For Birla Cellulose, has more than 89 as a score for us, city index on a scale of 100. So the world average is less than 50. This rates us right on top on the way we create of systems and our synergy working so that is also available for Liva Eco and that is good enough for all. Liva Eco the fourth point is that it has a greater insight, you can see the origin of the fibre, you can know whether it is Liva eco or not, even at the garment stage, fabric stage, yarn stage, pre-yarn stage , if a small sample is given we can tell whether it is Liva eco or other fibre. The fifth one is a block-chain traceability system. To the consumer if the brand wants to pass it on to them, to see the entire chain from forest to garment. Then we also offer branding services for Liva eco, sharing marketing stories. Thus these are the differences of Liva eco which make it the most sustainable fibres of any calibre in the world.

Consumer activities are we planning for future Liva fabric is already available for last 4 years, but we make innovations share with you. Since the last 4 years that we have launched we are known as Liva fabric only. Now looking into what is new, the Liva Eco collection is new completely. Then Liva eco viscose and liva eco modal, then Liva Eco liosel we have our collection. We have Liva eco fabric for menswear also. Liva has been a part of a forum for making menswear fabric for Liva. Now we have women’s day launch coming up for Liva, Within the fabric, there has been more of innovations in different structures amidst specially , in the world of new structures amidst, which is even flatness which has come out with new collections, it blends with acrylic, blends with redefining wool, so that’s modal which is new. Then from the viscose perspective, water and viscose has been having on real time fighting because on the yarn stage it is much lower than cotton.  Cotton was and viscose vet have been the new product which gives the benefits of both the fibers. You can get the fluidity and works in a balanced way, both viscose and cotton have a similar orientation. But with the value chain get uniform dyeing in most of the colours, because the same class of texture is used for dyeing both cotton and viscose  and normally deeper absorption, and higher sheen. To make it solid also we have done some research here and have been able to do earlier solidity in most of the colours. Water viscose blend has been going along for long but here we have got some exclusive prints. Every 2 month we will be having prints collection, the 6 month collection will be starting this year. These are the fabric aspects which shun new in Liva.

Liva Fabric Availability in International Market   We penetrate in 6 countries deeply where Liva fabrics are available. Every liva fabric should have liva standards, it should have a set of parameters, it should pass through a set of replications it has and also it should also have LAPF, Other than in India, they also do it in Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Sri Lanka are the markets which we are deeply working on. There has been a major shift in the last 9 months. Our teams are working with the plans that we have created mostly for Liva Eco and Liva. These markets are really important for us. We have good customers in Italy, Pakistan and Thailand but we have not gone deep there. The above mentioned 6 markets are very important for us since we have brands and Liva fabrics there.

Liva Studio across World We have our studios, opening of a studio next month at Jaipur, we will sending invite, similar to what we have in Noida and Tirupur, New York. The next studio is coming up at Jaipur, because it is a very important garmenting centre today for domestic brands. Large garment stores mostly purchase garments from this region hence this region requires a good fabric supply and also a system which helps them understand the specifications, the technical things and the services required for brands.

Liva Fabrics in Retail Market Yes, that is also available likeRuby Mills is our partners, we have a huge number of fabric which is available off the counter. Busy Lizzie is a big name for Ruby, Busy Lizzie with Liva or powered by Liva. It is more of a co-branding thing. Liva as a fabric is available in retail for women’s wear in these 3 stores ie. Ankur textiles of Arvind group, Mafatlal stores and Ruby Mills Stores. Liva is marked and tagged as Liva and it will be mentioned as powered by Liva., Mafatlal by Liva. In garments also we have co-branding and you do not get Liva garments. Similarly for fabrics it is co-branded with a fabric partner.

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