Published: July 7, 2020
Author: Muthu

1. Client details:
Name : Ms. Shubra Verma
Designation : Co-Founder
Point of contact for press : Shubra Verma +91 90719 88124 Email : [email protected]
2. Company brief:
Company name: 11.11 / eleven eleven
Product line : Mens and Women’s wear – Accessories – Textiles
Location : New Delhi
Usp : Our garments and products are traceable from seed to stitch / zero waste.
Craftsmanship lies at the heart of 11.11 / eleven eleven. Renowned for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes, the label uses heritage techniques such as hand loom weaving, hand painting, miniature tie dyeing and quilting. The label maintain’s it’s unique handmade vision by departing from mainstream manufacturing, producing small-batch slow-made clothing in collaboration with groups of artisans located all across India. Each season the brand dissolves distinctions between geographic and gender boundaries – the looks are safe for the skin and transitions seamlessly between cultures from day to evening wear. Expect to see relaxed silhouettes with a sartorial touch that echo the brand’s ‘seed to stitch’ philosophy. The brand was founded in 2009 and is led by Mia Morikawa and Shani Himanshu.
3. Company history:
Inspiration to start upcycling business –
For over 10 years now season after season our processes are repeated and refined. When scrap material accumulates – the natural step is to figure out an application for it. The inspiration comes from the process itself and the desire to give value to each and every resource down to the last thread.
4. Upcycling in their words
Our dyeing partner transforms natural materials into wearable colour – they have been committed to the preservation of this indigenous knowledge for more than 20 years. Like us they operate on a zero waste philosophy – all the byproducts are turned into nitrogen rich fertilizer and the water is used for local crops. Recycling is taking a zero waste approach to design and finding smart applications for each material – creating systems that regenerate communities and the environment.
5. Importance of upcycling fashion
It’s important to continuously take stock of what resources are available to us and apply design thinking to find solutions for social and environmental problems. As it stands we are suffering from overconsumption and over production – upcycling and creating from materials that already exists is a remedy to the problem of waste.
6. Process impolyed(sop)
The smallest leftover scraps of fabric from our workshop are converted into archival paper, which is used as packaging material and hang tags. This paper is made via a hand made process turning the scraps into pulp by mixing water and then pressing the pulp into sheets of paper.

company address :
CellDSGN Pvt. Ltd.
B-305, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1,
retail store :
18A, Hauz Khas Village, Lake Facing Lane, New Delhi 110016
+91 97 11 863974
instagram : @1111clothing website :

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